N64 Emu Mupen64 Plus Updated

Mupen64 Plus is in beta mode and now available for download. Let’s see what was updated.

    New 2.0 architecture advantages:

  • Simplified emulator Core, making it much more portable
  • Removed all GUI code from plugins, making them simpler and more portable
  • User interface development is not tied to Core emulator releases
  • All messages from core/plugins can be filtered and shown in GUI instead of only on console
  • Video Extension allows Front-end to override some video functions, ie to support embedded render window
  • Startup in Fullscreen mode, instead of always starting in windowed mode and switching to FS after few seconds
  • video resolution can be given via command-line parameter
  • all configuration options for core and plugins are in a single config file, can be configured with a single GUI
  • dummy plugins are automatically used if plugin loading fails for any reason
  • core and plugins all use the same conventions for where to put data/config files
    Mupen64Plus core:

  • New feature: cheat code support
  • New feature: Keyboard shortcuts for Core commands are now user-configurable
  • New feature: can load/save PJ64 state files
  • Major code cleanup, refactored build system to separate source and object files
  • Removed many dependencies to simplify porting to other platforms
  • Moved all of the SDL event-related stuff into a new source file eventloop.c
  • Use XDG directory convention for file locations on Unix
  • bugfix: frame advance feature should advance every frame, instead of every vertical interrupt (every field)
  • bugfix: allow diagonal hat movements for core joystick commands
  • bugfix: modified SDL event loop joystick code so that gameshark button press is captured, and joystick commands that are level-triggered instead of edge-triggered (such as fast foward) can be accommodated
  • bugfix: fixed the outstanding SDL event issues by re-writing the code which handles the joystick-event-driven core commands. Now the axis-based commands use hysteresis and there is a single global event function for determining if the gameshark button is pressed
  • bugfix: OSD crash after pause-stop-start-pause of emulator
  • bugfix: Set video width and status, aiDacrate during savestate load
  • bugfix: in pure interpreter, Dont allow to override r0 register
  • bugfix #52: PJ64 load state patch from olejl77
  • bugfix #268: use aligned malloc and mprotect to set executable status for dynarec emitted code
  • bugfix #51: Floating Point Register data was not correctly converted when switching between 32-bit (MIPS-I) mode and 64-bit (MIPS III). New code more closely emulates behavior of r4300 hardware. Fixes collision problems in Banjo-Tooie
  • bugfix #272: rounding mode for x86 FPU not being set correctly in interpreter and pure interpreter cores
  • bugfix: many games need different ScreenUpdateSetting to work properly with Rice Video
    Mupen64Plus-audio-sdl v1.99.1

  • Converted to new Mupen64Plus 2.0 API
  • Code cleanup to remove non-standard data types
  • Refactored build system to separate source and object files
  • bugfix #269: jttl_audio segfaults on exit due to incorrectly ordered shutdown code
    Mupen64Plus-input-sdl v1.99.1

  • New feature: Joystick/Keyboard auto-configuration
  • New feature: deadzone and peak analog joystick values are now configurable
  • Converted to new Mupen64Plus 2.0 API
  • Refactored build system to separate source and object files
  • Major code cleanup: mouse movement and analog axis code was terrible, removed non-standard data types
  • Improved debug messages
  • bugfix: mapping the X/Y analog sticks to keypresses didnt work
  • bugfix: LeftCtrl-LeftAlt key command when mouse is enabled to now toggles between grabbing and releasing the mouse pointer
    Mupen64Plus-rsp-hle v1.99.1

  • Converted to new Mupen64Plus 2.0 API
  • Refactored build system to separate source and object files
  • Refactored all code to remove win32-specific things, unnecessary functions, and clean up
    Mupen64Plus-UI-Console Front-End v1.99.1

  • Brand new Console-based front-end for Mupen64Plus 2.0
  • New feature: R4300 Core Comparison for debugging
  • New feature: Cheat code support from command-line
    Mupen64Plus-Video-Rice v1.99.1

  • Converted to new Mupen64Plus 2.0 API
  • Major code cleanup, removed all non-standard data types
  • Refactored build system to separate source and object files
  • added NO_ASM build option
  • removed some unused configuration parameters
  • bugfix: handle fullscreen video mode properly: start up in this mode instead of always starting in windowed and needing the core to switch to fullscreen
  • bugfix #209: setjmp/longjmp fixes in the BMP writer and PNG reader
  • bugfix: eliminated duplicate ´Found ROM …´ messages

Download from the Box File Widget or from the homepage. To download the beta, you will need to grab it from the homepage and have a full developer’s environment. OpenGL, SDL, etc.

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I am an Old School gamer with roots in emulation and gaming. I love video games, but mostly I love the old ones from our past. Emulation is a way to experience all these old games on your personal computer.

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