Download Wine Bottler and WINE

I had some technical difficulties uploading Wine Bottler and WINE and have just now posted them to the Box File Widget. The Box File Widget is blue and can be found on the right hand side of the blog homepage here at Mac Emulators. It is a combo pack I found on the intronets. It’s good as wine though. 😉  The homepage for the wine bottler wasn’t working after several attempts so, I found it elsewhere and compressed it for the community.


About Mac Emulators
I am an Old School gamer with roots in emulation and gaming. I love video games, but mostly I love the old ones from our past. Emulation is a way to experience all these old games on your personal computer.

2 Responses to Download Wine Bottler and WINE

  1. Well, I just bought an updater for my driver and it just fixed my problems. It worked like a charm. If you want to check that out, here is the link –

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