Virtual Jaguar for Mac Updated

I almost put a question mark in the title of this post. It is always frustrating when I’m super late to the party, the party being the update to a Virtual Jaguar emulator. I originally blogged about this back in 2009 and at the time, the emulator hadn’t seen an update since 2008. This was actually updated several months ago, but I’m just now getting the memo. I don’t have a way of testing this emulator, but for those of you interested, you can download it from the Box File Widget or from their homepage. Let’s check out the changes from the Read Me file.

Virtual Jaguar v2.0.1 GCC/Qt

* Fixed NTSC timings; they were hardwired to PAL rates. [Shamus]
* Fixed possible missing trailing slash on path fields input by user. [Shamus]
* Fixed exit hotkey to work on Win32. [Shamus]
* Changed PAL/NTSC switch to only work when virtual machine is powered off.
* Miscellaneous documentation fixes. [Shamus]

Virtual Jaguar v2.0.0 GCC/Qt

* Switched GUI to Qt. And there was much rejoicing. 😉 [Shamus]
* Added detection code to fish out files from inside ZIP archives. What this
means is that now you can have other goodies inside of your ROM ZIP like
labels, box art, and overlays. See built-in help for details. [Shamus]
* Various usability improvements, too many to list here. 😉 [Shamus]
* Various compatibility improvements to the Jaguar core, too many to list
here. 😉 [Shamus]

About Mac Emulators
I am an Old School gamer with roots in emulation and gaming. I love video games, but mostly I love the old ones from our past. Emulation is a way to experience all these old games on your personal computer.

2 Responses to Virtual Jaguar for Mac Updated

  1. Fred says:

    It doesn’t do anything! How would a NOOB get it to work under mac os x 10.7.4. after attempting to install it?

    • Mac Emulators says:

      Try running it on an early version of Mac. Virtual box might help. The newer versions of Mac have stopped supporting a lot of the older code used for older emulators.

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