Mac Emulators Blog Update

If you were a follower of my blog before the Winter, then you already know this, but I’ve been a little preoccupied with snowboarding. This is the reason for the lack of posts, and for that I’m sorry. Okay, who are we kidding here, I’m not sorry. I’ve had a blast boarding at Squaw and Alpine this season. My new Ride Ultra Light board is explicit awesome. Here are some photos from a few of the trips. I will get back to posting about emulation soon and before you judge, remember that I work, go to school, and no one pays me for this explicit. I have a lot of different hobbies, blogging only happens to be one of them. Winky face. And yes, the use of the word explicit is because I love to explicit with people. Winky face.

About Mac Emulators
I am an Old School gamer with roots in emulation and gaming. I love video games, but mostly I love the old ones from our past. Emulation is a way to experience all these old games on your personal computer.

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