The Evolution of My Bike

I bought my bike from a small dealership in the Los Angeles area called Arcadia Motorcycles. I hopped on a one way flight to LA and rode the bike home. It took about 11 hours to ride home. It rained on me in the valley but then cleared up just outside of LA. There were high wind warnings and I got blown off the road a few times. I stopped a lot because I hadn’t ridden in 6 years. The main thing is though, I made it home. I got it blue and very “toolish”. There were skull stickers all over it and spiked bar ends. Spiked bar ends are retarded and super unsafe. It’s not if you go down, it’s when and do you really want to add spikes to that equation? I sure as fuck don’t. So I stripped it down and replaced them, pulled the stickers off, had a friend paint the fairings (decent for the price), and put it all back together. Then cleaned up the back end and integrated the rear turn signals into the rear brake with an integrated smoked out tail. I replaced the front flush mount turn signals with “smoked” ones to match. I paid a local shop to switch out the chain and had them do the rear sprocket at the same time. Chains have to be cut off and the new one riveted on. One of the things I can’t do myself. Everything else I’ve done myself. The chain is an RK chain and the sprocket is a Vortex sprocket. It changed the gearing up and made it much “quicker”. This lowers the top end a little, but the first few gears and super quick. I replaced the air and oil filters with K&N high performance filters. I upgraded the spark plugs to Iridium NGK spark plugs, although the stock one’s were still NGK. They were just old and my rule is to never trust a previous owner. I used a lighting relay to make both sides of the head light assembly both low and high. Previously, like a lot of motorcycles, the let side was low and the right high. I upgraded both bulbs to H4’s (car headlights) and used a lighting relay and some soldering to make the bike safer and cooler looking. I will also never hear the, “you have a headlight out bro” phrase any more. I’ve added small things like a new gas tank lid (when it was painted), stock bar ends, and a stock oil cap. A smoked double bubble windscreen from Zero Gravity. Vortex rear slider spools and some other no-name mid-frame sliders. New rear Metzeler M5 sticky ass rear tire. Re-did the seat with some real nice boat vinyl. Good Motul oil… basically this bike is nothing like the original and I continue to work on it … and occasionally ride it.

About Mac Emulators
I am an Old School gamer with roots in emulation and gaming. I love video games, but mostly I love the old ones from our past. Emulation is a way to experience all these old games on your personal computer.

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