Yabuse (Sega Saturn for Mac OSX)

Yabuse, the Sega Saturn emulator for Mac OSX, saw an update a couple months ago.


Pick up the latest version here —> yabause-0.9.14-mac.zip



OpenEMU looks incredible. It reminds me a little of the Rom Collection Browser plugin for XBMC (soon to be Kodi) except it seems easier to use but with less features. It looks like it’s combined a lot of open source emulators into one application, similar to MESS but with a very nice GUI in front. It looks very user friendly and seems to support a large number of emulators (they call them cores) and game pads for your gaming pleasure. I will download and do a more in depth review, but I figured I’d give ya’ll the chance to check them out too. The only thing I see being a small issue for me is that the great emulators by Richard Bannister and the awesome n64 emulator sixty force probably aren’t ever going to be in there, but it’s still one of the coolest things to hit the Mac Emulation scene in a long long time. I’m extremely excited to try this.

GitHub OpenEMU

The list of emulators in OpenEMU.

Genesis Plus GX
… and more!

Some screen shots from their Press Pack.

Coverflow Recently Added Game Boy Library Gameboy Controller Preferences Nintendo (NES) Library Popout Gameplay Window Recently Added Collection



Here’s a great in depth article I found on how to run SDL MAME for Mac OSX. I’ve posted links in the past, but I found this article to be the best of the best. Plus, it’s fairly up to date too. It’ll take some work, but you can benefit from running the most current version of MAME rather than the older MAME OSX (although I still love MAME OSX).


And for a little more information on how to run QMC2 (I’ve posted about it before, and it’s in the downloads box already)…


Game Oldies


Play hundreds of old school games online via Safari or Chrome over at Game Oldies. I didn’t count, but there are hundreds of games. I played a few Genesis games with no problems. I had to enter full screen mode for the keyboard controls to work, but the emulation seemed solid enough. Not much else to say, head on over and check it out.


Long Time No See

It’s been ages since I’ve posted here. After checking the stats, I see that the site is still visited quiet a bit. Therefore I will try and work on it this weekend and future weekends if time permits. Since there’s rarely any new emulators or news for Mac, it shouldn’t be too hard and I can still to the current revs instead of posting previous versions, updates, unstable versions, etc.

A little bit of what I’ve been up to away from the computer… I’ve starting taking my sport bike to the track. I got my race license for AFM a couple months ago. I wrecked my street bike, don’t worry I have two now. Tore down and built the race bike back up using all the best goodies. Attained some sponsors for next years race season. Sold and moved out of the condo to a house. Fixed up the house a little. Bought a classic truck. Threw too much money at that, but now it runs great and hauls the track/race bike. AND started building a PC. I’m slowly drifting away from the Xbox and on to PC Gaming again. Probably also why the mac rarely gets used from emu any more. Once I’m done with the PC, I’ll probably start working on building a MAME cabinet. I have the cabinet, new controls… but lack the screen right now. I also bought a Neo Geo cab, but that’s in the house in the living room right now. At one point it had a 161 games cart in it, but now just sports Metal Slug 4. As much as I try to pull away from gaming or computer or arcades, they just pull me back in. I will try and make sure to put the PC gaming rig build up here as well as the MAME cabinet when I get there. The MAME cabinet I was actually hoping to use an older Mac and run Mac MAME in it. It won’t play all the new games, but it’ll play all the older ones and I’ve always wanted a MAME cab that has a mac in it. Not too many people run mac in their MAME cabs.

Well, that’s that. I promise to update this soon.

SDL MAME/MESS for Mac Updated

SDL MAME/MESS for Mac updated to (stable) v146, it can be obtained from the new location of their website in both 32bit and 64bit versions here.

SixtyForce (N64) Updated

The N64 emulator by Gerrit called SixtyForce saw an updated some time ago. I tried it out and it plays really well on my 24″ iMac with my wireless Xbox 360 controller. The graphics and sound seem on point. It looks like their gem just keeps getting more and more polished. If you support the emulator and donate a little bit of well deserved cash, they remove the Gerrit logo and allow saves. This is by far my favorite emulator for the Mac. Grab it from the downloads box on the right hand side of this blog or from their homepage.