Xbox 360 Wirless Controller for Mac OSX Video

Here is a video I made a while back of me using my wireless Xbox 360 controller with my Mac. Check earlier posts for links to the plugins, etc.

New Version of Emulator Enhancer

Richard Bannister has released a new version of his extremely handy software Emulator Enhancer. It is great at forcing some emulators into full screen mode and supports a ton of other great features. My number one love for this great piece of software is how it greatly enhances the playability, and just plain fun, of all your favorite emulators by supporting network play. It is shareware and asks that you purchase it eventually, but is well worth it. It is also a great way to support an amazing programmer that is extremely active in the emulation for Macintosh scene. It is in everyone’s best interest and yours to help support the people that provide you with great software and endless entertainment.

I feel the need to tell you that this is one of those slightly sad posts. I work my Mac Book Pro to it’s very core and I have over exhausted it, yet again. My hard drive took another crap on me. I can faithfully say, the Apple Care always pays off. You would insure your Ferrari right? Maybe I drink the Koolaid more than some of my audience¬† but I like protecting things I value. For you see, I have a high speed hard drive (7200rpm) and they aren’t usually in stock. I really wish I had opted for the 2.6 version like my sister has, but at the time it was much more expensive, especially with the faster HD.

As always you can obtain this from the Box File Widget on the Mac Emulators home page or Richard Bannister’s homepage. As a bonus to checking out his site, you can get some great news on the newest version of BSNES that will be released soon.


Emulator Enhancer Updated

Richard Bannister’s Emulator Enhancer saw an update. Emulator Enhancer allows for full screen and some other nifty features. Let’s check out the changes.

The main change in this release is an updated eSellerate library, which fixes some minor issues experienced by my registered users. However, the new build also adds support for more than eight saved game folders

Download from the Box File Widget.


Use your Xbox 360 Controller with your Mac

There were several people on Facebook and Youtube asking me how I got my Xbox 360 controller to work with my emulators on my Mac, so I have created this blog post. You can use both your wired and wireless controllers, and use multiple controllers at the same time. My sister and I played TMNT on MAME on Christmas morning. It was rad and a fond memory for me. Follow the link below and download the driver. After installing the driver you will have a new setting for your controller in the System Preferences panel. You can change some settings and check the battery levels. It’s a pretty good driver and seems to work fairly well. My only complaint would be that the driving games are a little touchy with the stick, but beggars can’t be choosers. It works really well for old school games and is an easy fix for people who already own a 360 and are looking to use a controller with their emulators. – Mac OS X driver