Use Bodega as an Update Manager







I recently opened bodega and found a cool feature where you can check for updates for all your applications (including emulators) and download them. I’m sure I’m slow to the uptake on this one, most likely you all have already been using this feature. In case you didn’t know about it, Bodega is similar to Apple’s App Store application. It came before the App Store and supports third party applications and emulators, unlike Apple’s App Store. If you weren’t using Bodega to update your apps and your emulators, now would be a good time to start. It makes staying on top of things much easier. Download Bodega from the Box File Widget or their homepage.

What does the Mac App Store mean for you?

What will the new App store going to do for you? The new digital distribution system for Macintosh applications will soon be coming to an OSX near you. Instead of having to go into an Apple retail store, or buy online, you will soon be able to just point, click, and buy that piece of software you were looking for. It boasts all kinds of bells and whistles like multi-touch and auto-updates. The real question I want to know, is will people use it? Will it feature games from their 3rd party game developers like Call of Duty, Maden, or Tiger Woods? In an era where digital distribution reigns supreme and Apple seems to be leading the way with iTunes and their other app store for the iPad and iPod, was this really a big leap for Apple? I think not. The real question for me is, whether or not it will actually suit a true Mac user’s needs and fill the gap between Quake Live and Steam. There is this huge hole where other developers could be capitalizing on digital game sales and now they might have an answer to their distribution problem. I honestly hope this takes off and in a big way.

Plants VS. Zombies

Plants VS. Zombies is an awesome Pop Cap game and is now available for Mac through Valve’s Steam network. Grab the game now for a hair under 10 bucks. The game is a strange and extremely fun strategy game where you protect your house by planting plants for protection. The plants provide various methods of defense, like pea shooters and large fly trap looking things. It is extremely addictive and fun. I will post the system requirements but I think you should go check it out through the Steam network. So go to your applications folder and start that sucker up.


Classic Games Formatted for Mac

While cleaning out and rearranging our storage the other day I found all my old PC games. I found a CD binder filled with games. Games like Red Alert, Shogun, Duke Nukem, Heretic, Quake, and Sim City. I was a little bummed that I couldn’t play them though. My main computer is a Mac Book Pro and won’t play the old games I found. I figured that most of them should play while running Dosbox or Crossover and so, I went looking on the internet. I found a little more than what I was looking for.

There are several torrents floating around the nets with tons of classic games bundled in dosbox apps. The games come complete with icons and there is no need to start dosbox prior to running any of them. Simply double click on the game you want to play and get ready to rock. It took a minute to get the correct keys down but after that I was off and running. I would like to take the time to tell you that you only keep what you still have lying around at home or in storage. You could also support the business by finding some museum that sells old games and buy them. Have fun with these great classic games formatted for mac. Download the torrents directly here at Mac Emulators or grab them from Pirate Bay.

Counter-Strike: Source for Mac Now Available on Steam

One of the best Mods for Half -Life makes its way to Steam. Mac OSX users can rejoice at the price too. 13.39 for great online team multiplayer action. This post is a little late as I was at a wedding but, better late then never. Download Steam from Valve and start rocking.

Mac 10.6.4 Update Causing Problems with Steam

This is the message I received from Steam when I started it up today (June 18th 2010).

The recent 10.6.4 update from Apple has noticeable performance issues for NVidia graphic chip owners running high performance games. If you wish to avoid this, you should consider waiting to install the 10.6.4 update until Apple has had the opportunity to address this issue. Full details of what is contained in the 10.6.4 update can be found here: If you have already installed this update and believe your graphic performance is affected, please contact Apple support ( for details on what to do.

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New Version of FTP Client App CyberDuck

CyberDuck is an open source FTP Client application for Mac OSX and has just updated to add some really cool new features. Features like Google Docs uploading and converting right through the program. It has also added some support for Reduced Redundancy Storage for Amazon S3 storage.

Download it from their homepage or the Box File Widget.