The Evolution of My Bike

I bought my bike from a small dealership in the Los Angeles area called Arcadia Motorcycles. I hopped on a one way flight to LA and rode the bike home. It took about 11 hours to ride home. It rained on me in the valley but then cleared up just outside of LA. There were high wind warnings and I got blown off the road a few times. I stopped a lot because I hadn’t ridden in 6 years. The main thing is though, I made it home. I got it blue and very “toolish”. There were skull stickers all over it and spiked bar ends. Spiked bar ends are retarded and super unsafe. It’s not if you go down, it’s when and do you really want to add spikes to that equation? I sure as fuck don’t. So I stripped it down and replaced them, pulled the stickers off, had a friend paint the fairings (decent for the price), and put it all back together. Then cleaned up the back end and integrated the rear turn signals into the rear brake with an integrated smoked out tail. I replaced the front flush mount turn signals with “smoked” ones to match. I paid a local shop to switch out the chain and had them do the rear sprocket at the same time. Chains have to be cut off and the new one riveted on. One of the things I can’t do myself. Everything else I’ve done myself. The chain is an RK chain and the sprocket is a Vortex sprocket. It changed the gearing up and made it much “quicker”. This lowers the top end a little, but the first few gears and super quick. I replaced the air and oil filters with K&N high performance filters. I upgraded the spark plugs to Iridium NGK spark plugs, although the stock one’s were still NGK. They were just old and my rule is to never trust a previous owner. I used a lighting relay to make both sides of the head light assembly both low and high. Previously, like a lot of motorcycles, the let side was low and the right high. I upgraded both bulbs to H4’s (car headlights) and used a lighting relay and some soldering to make the bike safer and cooler looking. I will also never hear the, “you have a headlight out bro” phrase any more. I’ve added small things like a new gas tank lid (when it was painted), stock bar ends, and a stock oil cap. A smoked double bubble windscreen from Zero Gravity. Vortex rear slider spools and some other no-name mid-frame sliders. New rear Metzeler M5 sticky ass rear tire. Re-did the seat with some real nice boat vinyl. Good Motul oil… basically this bike is nothing like the original and I continue to work on it … and occasionally ride it.

2006 Kawasaki Zx6r 636


Blog News

Also known as my life.

I have not posted here in a long time. It’s been a couple years since a significant change in my life. I’ve gotten promoted at work, I’ve bought a few new toys, and I’ve been living most of my life away from a computer. I’m now in (soon to run) a department called Thin Film Deposition. Basically I put metal on material that eventually becomes circuits that go in to many a different electronic device. All you really need to know is that I enjoy my job, it’s extremely flexible. Flexibility is what you need when you are taking night classes to finish up GE. I bought a street bike. I’ll post pics of the build. It looks and rides completely different than when I first bought it and rode it home from LA. That’s a ride I won’t be making again any time soon. The ride was long and full of obstacles. I got a dog. Originally I went looking for an adult dog to adopt because they usually aren’t the one’s that get adopted. I just didn’t vibe with any of the dogs. Eventually I got a call from the shelter and they had a runt from a puppy liter that was left over from an accidental birth. She’s awesome. Good with kids, good with dogs, and an all round awesome dog. She’s an American Staffordshire Terrier, aka a Pit Bull. That comes with some prejudice but it helps that she’s freaking awesome. I’ve also been fixing up a condo too but that was before the bike and the dog. I’m simply try to sum up a long winded apology for neglecting my blog. I played around with the newer Sixtyforce and it plays really well. I thought I’d check in on things and post a few blogs, related and unrelated.

MAME for Mac OS X v.145u6

The experimental version of MAME for Mac OS X now sits at version 145u6. The Universal binaries are no longer supported, so if you have a PPC still then it’s time to upgrade. Let’s peep the changes. Find it in the Box File Widget or from their website.


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04741: [Sound] xmen: Instruments in the music are playing back at
         the wrong volume (hap)
- 02675: [Sound] rdft, rdft2: Music used in the boss levels of Raiden
         Fighters and Raiden Fighters 2 play (Mssion 1-3, 2-3) slower
	 than the original. (Sonikos)
- 04734: [Crash/Freeze] tylz: Crash after OK (Pugsy)
- 04743: [Crash/Freeze] pzloop2jr1: Black Screen (Tafoid)
- 04735: [Crash/Freeze] breywood, shackled: Black screen (stephh)
- 04737: [Original Reference] ckong: correct manufacturer found for
         Crazy Kong (Falcon?)

Source Changes
Change DirectInput joystick acquisition method to be non exclusive.

toaplan2.c: Correct the video (character layer) offset for 1945 Part-2
(Chinese hack of Battle Garegga) [Dave Haywood]

dc: Fix the maple hookup and controllers and add the missing maple irq
[O. Galibert]

galaxia.c: Improved colors and hooked up cvs stars circuit. [hap]

Hooked up TMS9928 and PIA devices to Baby Pac-Man video CPU, gives
some gfx if you press the service switch [Angelo Salese]

pgm.c: Continued refactoring of the protections, including improved
notes.  Moved some code into the states and split states by protection
type.  [David Haywood]

Set the correct cpu in mpu5.c driver and split a few alternate
revisions into clone sets.  [David Haywood]

Decrypted the rest of the gambling sets in igs_m027.c.  No further
advancements in visible emulation to report, though.  [iq132]

Redumped sound roms in funcube2 and funcube3 [Guru, Yasuhiro Ogawa]

Improved irqs in Little Robin, and added preliminary sound to it
[Angelo Salese]

model2.c: Added the I/O Controller rom (Z80 based) for Rail Chase 2
[Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]

Converted gamtor.c to use VGA device (doesn't work though due of a
weird banking problem) [Angelo Salese]

m68k: add preliminary on-board peripherals to 68307 and 68340
[David Haywood]

SDL: Fix formatting of chdman man page [wallyweek]

Allow compilation with compatible system-installed versions of libjpeg
and libflac [wallyweek, R. Belmont]

Solved the remaining issues with Raiden 2's sprite decryption.
[Andreas Naive]

Major driver modernization changes [Miodrag Milanovic]
- Added 4th parameter to all address maps
- Added missing state classes
- Removed ADDRESS_MAP_MODERN define

rastan.c: Add dipswitch locations to the Rastan sets. [Brian Troha]

namcos21.c: Added Namco game prefix to the Winning Run 91 set. Added
minor documentation about the System21B two board stack. [Brian Troha]

nmk16.c: Fixes some issues and cleaned up the video sources a bit

Fixed ymf271.c core timer allowing for greater accuracy. [Sonikos]

BFM Scorpion 4 Hardware:  [David Haywood]
 * General update which fleshes out some of the 68307 code (not 100%
    correct hookups, just improved logging and enough to get us
 * Added various devices to the SC4 emulation, added a default layout
    showing the VFD, to which most of the earlier games will now write
    'Initializing'.  Timers and other devices still need to be
    implemented properly before they actually initialize.
 * Put the actual SC4 hardware emulation in drivers/bfm_sc4h.c so that
    it doesn't get lost in the swamp of sets (scrolling through a file
    is quite hard when it's almost entirely set definitions)

mirax, miraxa (mirax.c) [stephh] :
 * Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the Z80 code)

Implemented flip screen support to Mirax [Angelo Salese]

galdrvr.c: Added preliminary protection emulation to Monster Zero.

Moved all drivers to using the paletteram helpers defined in the
driver_device base class. The palette base is now specified via an
AM_SHARE of "paletteram" or "paletteram2". The driver_device base
class now finds these pointers and places them in
m_generic_paletteram_8/_16/_32 and m_generic_paletteram2_8/_16/_32.
[Aaron Giles]

Removed machine.generic.paletteram*, and machine.generic entirely.
Removed AM_BASE_GENERIC/AM_SIZE_GENERIC as they don't apply anymore.
[Aaron Giles]

Changed required_/optional_shared_ptr to support set_target with base
and size for manually configuring a shared pointer, and a new allocate
method for dynamically allocating (and registering the memory for save
states). [Aaron Giles]

Converted memory_private to memory_manager and moved global memory
operations into methods on it. Converted the less-popular cases over
in drivers that used them, leaving the bank management APIs global for
now. [Aaron Giles]

Add logic to ensure that shared pointers are checked to be of the
right width. The primary upshot is that if you declare
AM_SHARE("paletteram") in an 8-bit memory map, then only
m_generic_paletteram_8 will be populated, and m_generic_paletteram_16
will be NULL. But it applies to all required_/optional_shared_ptrs
declared, so make sure they are of the right type. [Aaron Giles]

Added code to cdrom.c to compute and verify ECC codes for mode 1/2
sectors. [David Haywood]

Added CD compressor template which separates subcode data from sector
data, removes redundant ECC data prior to compression, and uses
separate compressors for each part. Defined LZMA and ZLib CD
compressors based on this and made them the default for CDs.
[Aaron Giles]

Redumped sprites rom of lhzb2 [Guru]

Decrypted sprites in lhzb. Decrypted tiles and palette in lhzb2 and
slqz2. Added inputs and memory maps in these games, pending protection
simulation [Luca Elia]

Move driver list/enumerator to new file drivenum.c/.h. Move
game_driver definition and constants to new header gamedrv.h. [Aaron

wldarrow.c: Added service inputs, allowing battery RAM to be
initialized in test mode, making the games close to playable. [hap]

namcos10: Fix banking for Mr. Driller 2, first stab at the encryption
[O. Galibert]

misc sc4/68307 updates + prelim peripheral hookups, allows most sc4
sets to run their sound rom checks [David Haywood]

rastan.c: Cleaned up Parent/Child order. Corrected ROM names and added
additional information / notes. [Brian Troha]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Fun River [Sara S.]
unknown Japanese horse gambling game (preliminary) [hap, Paul Swan]

New clones added
Rastan (US) [Stefan Lindberg]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Quiz Show [hap, Siftware]
Dragon World Pretty Chance [Smitdogg, Tjeerd Carter]

Dapplegrey 2.35

Dapplegrey, a great DosBox front end, was updated to 2.35. This was a maintenance update. Let’s scope the changes. As usual, download it from the Box File Widget on the right hand side of the Mac Emulators Blog homepage or go grab it from their website.

  • When mounting images, the boot command has been revised.
  • Also, to support multiple floppy disk images to be booted, now you can add more than one floppy image, rather than one floppy disk image like before. Remember, only *one* floppy disk image is supported by DOSBox to be imgmounted, if you need multiple floppy disk images imgmounted to a drive letter, you’ld need to boot that.
  • In rare cases, if you need/want to select a different Drive C: path (near the ‘or’ line in the ‘Drives’ section, the buttons to select a different folder or another disk image (disk image not supported for Toolbar entries) are working again now.
  • Recent DOSBoxSVN application will be recognized now (to get it, find the text string “DOSBox SVN snapshot for OS X (10.4-10.7 ppc/intel)” for example at Director Player Error?

Mac Emulators Blog Update

If you were a follower of my blog before the Winter, then you already know this, but I’ve been a little preoccupied with snowboarding. This is the reason for the lack of posts, and for that I’m sorry. Okay, who are we kidding here, I’m not sorry. I’ve had a blast boarding at Squaw and Alpine this season. My new Ride Ultra Light board is explicit awesome. Here are some photos from a few of the trips. I will get back to posting about emulation soon and before you judge, remember that I work, go to school, and no one pays me for this explicit. I have a lot of different hobbies, blogging only happens to be one of them. Winky face. And yes, the use of the word explicit is because I love to explicit with people. Winky face.

The Latest Dolphin Emulator For Mac

Dolphin, the Wii and Game Cube emulator for Mac, now sits at version 3.0-427. Grab it from the Box File Widget on the right hand side of this blogs home page or direct from their website. Let’s check out the changes.

Improvement to revision b8bef29bcc5a .. 😛