XRoar version .26

XRoar, the Dragon emulator for Mac, saw an update a while ago. It now sits at version .26. As usual, download it from the Box File Widget or from the XRoar website.

Let’s check out the changes.

SNES9x for Mac OSX Updated

SNES9x for Mac OSX is a great Super Nintendo emulator for the Mac. It now sits at version 1.53 and you can grab it from the Box File Widget. Cheers!

SixtyForce Updated for 2010

Gerrit has finally posted a new version of their Nintendo Sixty Four, N64, emulator for Max OSX. Let’s quickly dive into the changes and make sure you download and try this one out. As usual, you can find this in the Box File Widget here on the Mac Emulator’s homepage.

“This verison has major improvements to nearly everything. An improved Cocoa interface, better graphic compatibility, better emulation compatibility and improved sound. Plus a new sound plugin is included for Intel Macs: Azimer Audio 0.55.1” (Gerrit).

A Brand New Game for NES


There is a fairly new game for the old Nintendo. It’s done in the spirit of Guitar Hero, but it’s for the old 8bit NES. It is free for download from their site. You can download it and run it in any of your favorite NES emulators. Songs include Sweet Child of Mine and The Way You Make Me Feel. Check out their Home Page to Download, or grab it from the Box File Widget on the right.

Dpad Hero Home Page


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Yabuse the Sega Saturn Emulator


Yabuse is a Sega Saturn Emulator for the Mac OSX and other various platforms. It was last updated on 05/31/2009. As it is a top search right now, I though I would make a post about it. It runs several games and is still being updated. It’s nice to find Emulators people are actually still working on.

To Download – Use the blue Box File Widget on the right panel.

You can check the Yabuse compatibility list by clicking the link below.

Yabause Compatibility list