Dapplegrey 2.35

Dapplegrey, a great DosBox front end, was updated to 2.35. This was a maintenance update. Let’s scope the changes. As usual, download it from the Box File Widget on the right hand side of the Mac Emulators Blog homepage or go grab it from their website.

  • When mounting images, the boot command has been revised.
  • Also, to support multiple floppy disk images to be booted, now you can add more than one floppy image, rather than one floppy disk image like before. Remember, only *one* floppy disk image is supported by DOSBox to be imgmounted, if you need multiple floppy disk images imgmounted to a drive letter, you’ld need to boot that.
  • In rare cases, if you need/want to select a different Drive C: path (near the ‘or’ line in the ‘Drives’ section, the buttons to select a different folder or another disk image (disk image not supported for Toolbar entries) are working again now.
  • Recent DOSBoxSVN application will be recognized now (to get it, find the text string “DOSBox SVN snapshot for OS X (10.4-10.7 ppc/intel)” for example at Director Player Error?

Boxer Version 1.1.1

Boxer, the DOSBox front end, now sits at version 1.1.1. This makes running your old DOS games even easier. Download it from the Box File Widget or from their homepage. Let’s check out what’s new in version 1.1.

Joystick improvements:

  • Better controller mappings for:
    • Logitech Dual Action, RumblePad 2, and Fx10 series gamepads
    • Logitech Formula Force, MOMO Racing and G25/G27 series wheels
    • 3rd-party XBOX 360 controllers
  • CH Flightstick Pro throttle emulation works better with gamepads and displays the current throttle level on-screen.
  • Per-game option to disable joystick emulation, to avoid interfering with external tools like Gamepad Companion.
  • If a game seems to be ignoring your joystick input, Boxer will remind you to turn on joystick control within the game.
  • Reduced axis deadzone from 25% to 20% to make sticks more sensitive.
  • On most controllers, buttons 5-8 are now also bound to the four DOS joystick buttons.
  • Improved gamepad detection to more reliably apply twin-stick racing wheel layout.

Better disk handling:

  • The program panel now discovers programs located on ISOs and floppy-disk images, and can set them as the default program for a gamebox. This makes it much easier to play games that have left all their programs on the CD.
  • Drives are scanned for available programs in the background, resulting in quicker gamebox startup.
  • Added support for .IMG and .VFD floppy-disk image formats.
  • Fixed floppy-disk images hanging on PowerPC Macs.

Fixes for 10.7 Lion:

  • Fixed nasty fullscreen lag under Lion.
  • Fixed occasional Lion crash when tapping the DOS window’s close button on a trackpad.
  • Disabled restore-windows-at-startup in Lion, to prevent numerous startup bugs and general misbehaviour.

General fixes and tweaks:

  • New bezel notifications for switching to fullscreen, pausing, adjusting CPU speed and adding/removing drives.
  • Flicker-free fullscreen transitions, smooth crossfades in program panel, and other cosmetic improvements.
  • Automatic configuration for Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies and Metaltech: Earthsiege.
  • Disabled blur effect behind Inspector panel in preparation for App Store compatibility.
  • Removed Growl support, now that it has been superseded by built-in bezels

Boxer Updated v1.0.1 – DOS Game Emulator

The DOS game emulator for Mac OSX now sits at version 1.0.1. This app is great. All you have to do is drag and drop one of your old dos games into it and let Boxer make some magic. You’ll be playing all the old classic DOS games in all their oldskool glory in no time. Download it from the Box File Widget or go scope out their homepage.

Let’s check out the changes they have made.

Improvements to game importing and disk-image handling:

*Support for mounting and importing from .IMA floppy-disk images.

*Better importing for many Good Old Games releases: standalone .GOG disc images are now properly recognised and imported as .ISOs.

*“Auto-Pause in Background” option is now ignored while importing a game, to allow lengthy installer operations to complete unattended.

*Extra volumes no longer appear in Finder when Boxer is importing from a disk image.

*Newly-imported gameboxes with duplicate names now get a different suffix to avoid them looking like sequels.

Input fixes and tweaks:

*Fixed Shift keys sticking when pressed simultaneously (sorry pinball game fans!)

*CapsLock state is synchronised correctly at startup and when switching back to Boxer.

*Added F11 and F12 shortcuts to Send Key menu.

*Changed speed up/slow down CPU shortcuts to Cmd-Up and Cmd-Down.

*Cursor now vanishes correctly after unpausing when “Follow mouse when Unlocked” is enabled.

Other fixes:

*Boxer now prevents you from choosing to keep your games directly in an OS X system folder (Documents, Applications, your Home folder etc.) Subfolders of these are still fine of course.

Graphical DOSBox Frontend for Mac OSX

Dapplegrey is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for DOSBox. DOSBox is a free DOS emulator for Mac OSX. Run old school games like Advanced Civilization, Battle Chess, Doom, Quake, and many more of your old DOS favorites. This new version now looks for other DOS executable files within the folder you select and displays them in a nice little window. Download this from the Box File Widget or from their homepage.