Open Emulator – Legacy Emulator

The Legacy Computer emulator (Apple II) Open Emulator saw an update this month. You can download rev.608 from the Box File Widget or from their homepage.

PCSX-Reloaded Updated

PCSX-Reloaded, the Playstation emulator, saw an updated a few days ago. It is now at version 1.9.92 and you can download it from the homepage or from the Box File Widget. This emulator is still in Beta phase so, expect a few bugs. Let’s check out some of the changes.

– Many fixes/changes to the core and Internal HLE BIOS.
– Root counters code has been rewritten.
– Use GTE code from PCSX-Revolution Project which improved accuracy.
– Added netplay plugin for *NIX (based on netSock).
– Native support for FreeBSD and Solaris.
– Replaced HIDInput and CDDeviceInterface plugins with dfinput/dfcdrom for Mac OS X.
– PPF patching support.
– Other minor bugfixes/tweaks.

SDL MAME for Mac OS X Updated

SDL MAME for Mac OSX has been updated. This brings the multiple arcade machine emulator to a stable place, as it now sits at version .139. So those of you who have been waiting to catch up to the PC version can now breath easy. Download it from the Box File Widget or from the homepage.

Here is a little from the “what’s new text” as posted with MAME.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03898: [Crash/Freeze] Atomiswave-based games in naomi.c: Game gets
         stuck in boot process. (Aaron Giles)
- 03957: [Documentation] samsh5sp & clones: according to title, year
         is 2004 not 2003 (moa)
- 03318: [Crash/Freeze] -burnin causes crash in vector games (Atari Ace)
- 03777: [Multisession] a51site4: Hang after loading via internal UI
         (multisession) (Atari Ace)

Source Changes
arm.c: Added big endian mode support to the LDRB and STRB
instructions. [Wilbert Pol]

CPS-1 update [Team CPS-1]:
 * Added missing PALs as reference to most of remaining sets
 * Dumped and added TK24B1.1A to dynwar [Corrado Tomaselli]
 * Fixed LW-13.10D rom loading in forgottn to match real pcb
 * Identified, verified and documented a ton of pcbs, adding/fixing
    missing/wrong infos as ROMs labels and positions, B-Board, C-Board
    and CPSB IDs, PALs [Stefan Lindberg, Dlfrsilver, MKL]
 * Reordered all sets per release date in cps1.c and video\cps1.c
 * Updated games table in video\cps1.c and added some notes on PALs
 * Minor cleanups

Or check out the full text of the changes here.

Virtual Box Updated

Virtual Box was updated. Virtual Box allows users to run a different operating system on your Mac. You can run operating systems such “Windows (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7), DOS/Windows 3.x, Linux (2.4 and 2.6), Solaris and OpenSolaris, and OpenBSD.” Let’s scope the changes.

  • VMM: fixed rare invalid guest state guru meditation (VT-x only)
  • VMM: fixed poor performance with nested paging and unrestricted guest execution (VT-x only; bug #6716)
  • VMM: fixed occasional guru meditation during Windows 7 bootup (bug #6728)
  • GUI: keep the status for remote control in sync with the actual state
  • GUI: don’t exit after a successful refresh of an invalid VM configuration
  • GUI: fixed keyboard capturing bug under metacity (bug #6727)
  • GUI: fixed crash during VM termination if a modal dialog is open
  • GUI: default controllers names of New VM Wizard are synchronized with VM settings
  • GUI: fixed superfluous resize-event on powering-on VM for X11
  • GUI: fixed regression – missed USB item’s tool-tip of USB devices menu
  • GUI: Activate VM window on mouse-hovering for multi-monitor VMs
  • VBoxSDL/Linux hosts: automated keyboard type detection (bug #5764)
  • SATA: fixed crash during VM suspend under rare circumstances
  • SATA: fixed crash during VM reset after a snapshot was taken
  • Storage: fixed sporadic hang of SMP guests using SATA or LSI Logic SCSI and asynchronous I/O
  • Virtio-net: fix for guests with more than about 4GB RAM (bug #6784)
  • Page Fusion: fixed VBoxService crash with enabled Page Fusion on Win64 guests
  • Page Fusion: added kernel module sharing
  • HGCM: fixed memory leak which showed up if the Guest Additions were accessing a non-existing HGCM service
  • Teleportation: several fixes
  • Floppy: don’t disable the host I/O cache by default
  • USB: fixed 3.1 regression with certain devices (e.g. iPhone); Windows host only
  • Serial: updated the guest device emulation to 16550A and reduced the probability for loosing bytes during transmission (bug #1548)
  • NAT: re-fetch the name server parameters from the host on guest DHCP requests to handle host network switches more gracefully (bug #3847)
  • NAT: fixed parsing of IPv4 addresses in CIDR notation (bug #6797)
  • NAT: limit the number of name servers passed to the guest to four (non-Windows hosts only; bug #4098)
  • NAT: fixed DNS transaction id mismatch (bug #6833)
  • VDE: fixed changing the attachment during runtime
  • Bridged Networking: fixed memory leak in the Bridged Networking driver for Windows hosts (bug #6824)
  • Windows Additions: fix for NT4 guests (bug #6748)
  • Windows Additions: re-introduced system preparation feature
  • Linux guests: enable PAE for RedHat guests by default
  • Linux guests: fix support for disabling mouse integration (bug #6714)
  • Webservice: fixed a rare crash when calling IGuest methods from the webservice.
  • OVF: fixed wrong hard disk UUIDs on export (bug #6802)
  • OVF: fixed 3.2.0 regression importing legacy OVF 0.9 files
  • 3D support: fixed OpenGL support for 64bit apps on windows guests
  • 3D support: fixed various host crashes (#2954, #5713, #6443)
  • Check out the homepage or download from the link posted here. I couldn’t host the file in the Box File Widget due to the fact that the file is larger than 25 MB.

    Jajamaru Gekimaden Translated into English

    The Zelda-esc game for the Nintendo Famicom, the Japanese version of our little old school Nintendo Entertainment Center. It is an RPG, like I said, that is very similar to Zelda. For people, like myself, who have never had the pleasure of playing this game, now can. Don’t let the language barrier keep you from enjoying a perfectly good Japanese role playing game.






    Download the patch from the Box File Widget on the right or go to The Homepage.

    I won’t put the Rom in the Box File Widget however, I will give you the Link Where to Find It.

    DAPHNE Arcade Laserdisc Emulator

    This is an awesome Laserdisc Emulator that has some interesting features as of 2008. If you remember the classic Dragon’s Lair but, you couldn’t get past that darn drawbridge, here is your chance. This emulator offers some new features that will allow you to download games right through the program itself.

    • Automatic Updates
    • Improved Emulation
    • Reworked Sound System
    • Added OpenGL Renderer
    • Improved Input Configuration
    • Game Downloads!!

    To download check out the Box File Widget or check out the Daphne Home Page.

    New NES Emulator for Mac OSX


    There is currently a new NES/Famicom emulator for Mac called MaciFom. It is brand spanking new and only for Mac OSX. In true OSX style it tries to take advantage of AppKit, OpenCL, CoreAudio, and OpenGL. Here is the information from their Homepage.

    • Cycle-exact CPU (6502) emulation for valid opcodes
    • Scanline-accurate rendering by the PPU
    • Windowed and full-screen display modes.
    • Controller input via keyboard.
    • Support for NROM, UNROM, CNROM and MMC1 mappers.
    • A debugger featuring live disassembly of program code, reading and writing of memory values, display of CPU registers, breakpoints and step-through of opcodes.

    You may download the emulator from the Box File Widget on the right hand side of this blog.