SDL MAME version .144u7

SDL MAME saw another experimental update and now resides at version .144u7. Download it from the Box File Widget or from the SDL website.

Use Bodega as an Update Manager







I recently opened bodega and found a cool feature where you can check for updates for all your applications (including emulators) and download them. I’m sure I’m slow to the uptake on this one, most likely you all have already been using this feature. In case you didn’t know about it, Bodega is similar to Apple’s App Store application. It came before the App Store and supports third party applications and emulators, unlike Apple’s App Store. If you weren’t using Bodega to update your apps and your emulators, now would be a good time to start. It makes staying on top of things much easier. Download Bodega from the Box File Widget or their homepage.

Jario64 Java N64 Emulator

Yet another Java emulator for “windows” saw an update today. Most Java emulators will run on a Mac. I was unable to run Super Mario 64 however, the GUI loaded just fine. This emulator is in the early stages of development but, I like to see more Java emulators. More Java emulators means more universal emulators. Java runs on pretty much every operating system. Apparently this new update adds sound. This emulator MIGHT NOT actually work for your Mac but, you are welcome to try. Mostly I’m posting this so that some one might be inclined to make it work for the Mac.

MAME Added to the Box File Widget

All the current versions of MAME available for the Mac OS have been added to the Box File Widget. Everything from the last version of Mac MAME (Last updated back in 2007) and MAME OSX to SDL MAME. Don’t forget that with SDL MAME, you will need the SDL library. That is a fairly large file, but it’s in there too.

As new versions of emulators come out, I have decided to delete the old versions from the Box File Widget and upload the newer versions. This will insure that the files you download from the Box File Widget will be current and will allow me to keep the Box File Widget down in size.