Dolphin the Wii Emulator For Mac

Dolphin is a Gamecube slash Wii emulator for Mac OSX. It now sits at version 7553 and can be downloaded from the Box File Widget or from their homepage.

Dolphin The Wii Emulator for Mac OSX

Dolphin, The Wii Emulator for Mac OSX has been updated quite a bit since my last post. It now sits at r7457. It’s an awesome Game Cube and Wii Emulator for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I’m so happy they have OSX builds for download now. You no longer need to compile it yourself. Just download, and drag the icon into your Applications folder. Download the latest version from the Box File Widget on the right hand side of this blog, or from their homepage.

Dolphin (GameCube/Wii Emulator) Updated






Dolphin, the GameCube and Wii emulator, was updated today. Download the latest version, but don’t forget you will need to do some extra leg work if you want to use it for Mac OSX. Check old posts about how to go about doing that. The 64 bit version is still being compiled, so check back frequently to obtain it as soon as it hits. Grab both the 32 or the 64bit versions from the Box File Widget or from their homepage.

Let’s scope out some of the changes.

* Completed the JIT versions of the DSP Multiplier instructions (5 instructions added).
* Bug fixed the dec and lsr16 instructions.
* Minor code clean-up.

Cheers and Merry Christmas.

Dolphin for Mac

Here is a link on how to compile Dolphin for Mac OSX. Hopefully, they will be releasing an official OSX build soon. Here’s the link and here’s what they had to say about a possible Mac release.

NOTE TO OS X USERS: The OS X build was not ready in time for the 2.0 release of Dolphin, but you can go to which has instructions for building development versions yourself and also has links to binary snapshots.