The Holidays

It’s that time of the year again, and I’m all over the place these days. The posts might be few and far between during the next few months, and for that I apologize. When it starts sowing in Tahoe, the distance between myself and my computer will grow exponentially. It is what it is. In my world of leisure, snowboarding trumps everything. There might be less posts about emulators and more posts about snow and holiday fun, but I promise not to loose touch entirely. Happy Holidays!

Virtual Box Updated (v.4.1.4)

Virtual box has been updated to version 4.1.4. It has seen a couple updates since I last blogged about it, but things have been crazy around here and I haven’t gotten around to blogging about it. For those of you who don’t know, Virtual Box is a great way to run Windows on a Mac. You can also run other operating systems if you choose to do so, and all within a “virtual box” running on your Mac. Download the latest version from the Box File Widget (I had to break it up into parts) or from their homepage. The following is a list of the changes from the changelog.

Playstation 2 Emulator for Mac

While checking out SpeedofMac I stumbled on this Playstation 2 Emulator for Mac OSX. This is a port of  the Windows Playstation 2 emulator PCSX2. Grab the download from the Box File Widget or head over to the PCSX2 Mac homepage. You will need to set it up before you can start gaming.

Here is the How To Guide from the website. If you still have trouble check out this Forum.

This is the comprehensive guide to installing and running pcsx2/mac on your mac.

The process is straightforward, let’s first install all necessary packages

  • NVidia CG framework
    Download the package for Mac OS X here. Mount the disk image and double-click on the installer. Follow the instruction to install the Framework.
  • xQuartz – This is not needed for Snow Leopard release
    To run Pcsx2, you need X11 but not the one that comes with Leopard/Tiger. You can download the latest release of X11 from the XQuartz Project page. Double-click on the package to install it.
  • PCSX2/mac + plugins
    The latest package is for Snow Leopard here. This will install all the necessary runtime libs and put the application bundle into your /Applications folder. The rest is as simple as double clicking it.
    You can also find the Leopard package here

All troubleshooting/running questions – please ask at forums –

Open Emulator

Open Emulator now sits at r665 and can be downloaded from the Box File Widget or from their homepage.


Open Emulator – Legacy Emulator

The Legacy Computer emulator (Apple II) Open Emulator saw an update this month. You can download rev.608 from the Box File Widget or from their homepage.

Build Your Own HTPC

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Johnny Mota over at Rave Pubs and discussed HTPCs and Media Centers. We had the big debate over paying for an over priced corporate piece of plastic, or building a solid machine yourself for much fewer duckets. Check out the full article over at Rave Pubs. I also give him my build list for a good HTPC. It is basically what I would build if I wanted an HTPC slash emulation gaming rig for the family room. Cheers!

Openemulator for Mac OSX

Openemulator is a program that emulates old legacy computers, such as the Apple-1 and MOS KIM-1 computers. They even do a great job of emulating the curvature of the old screen. Grab the download from the Box File Widget or from their homepage.