PCSX Reloaded (Preliminary Mac Support)

After check the release notes for PCSX Reloaded I noticed that there has been “preliminary Mac OSX support added”. I have added the linux versions of this newly updated Playstation emulator to the Box File Widget. Please remember that there are 32bit and 64bit versions. If you have a Core 2 Duo you can go ahead and try the 64bit version. Make sure you have the X11 and needed support for running linux programs on your Mac. Let’s check out the release notes.

  • Fixed FF7 Chocobo Racing crash bug with Internal HLE BIOS.
  • Fixed freeze issue with Japanese version of I.Q. Final.
  • Better support for Alcohol 120% .mdf/.mds images.
  • Input plugin has been rewritten using SDL for GNU/Linux port.
  • Prelimiary Mac OS X (Intel) support (may contain bugs and dynarec is still not working yet).
  • Hide the GNOME panels in fullscreen mode when using the OpenGL plugin.
  • GTK UI: Added a toolbar in mainwindow, improved Memory Card dialog box.
  • Added Telnet-based debugger (based on PCSX CVS). Removed PCSX-df debugger.
  • Added Portuguese (Brazilian) translation (courtesy of Tibério Vítor).
  • Other minor bugfixes/tweaks.
  • MAME for OSX Updated

    The latest version of SDL MAME for Mac OSX has been released. It is now up to date with the .135u2 (RB) baseline. There are two different versions so, make sure you grab the one that applies to you. There is a 32 bit universal binary and an Intel specific 64 bit binary. They are both in the Box File Widget on the right.

    You can also check out the homepage.


    Update to JSGB – Java GameBoy Emu

    The Java GameBoy Emulator JSGB by Pedro Ladaria saw an update today. I know this isn’t a native Mac OSX emulator but, it will run in both Firefox and Safari for Mac. It recommends Google Chrome however, I don’t have that browser to test it with. I did sign up for Chrome updates from Google today so, I’m hoping to have a physical copy soon. The emulator runs Mario Land, Tetris, Dr. Mario, Bomberman, Kirby’s Dream Land, Space Invaders, Motocross Maniacs, Bomb Jack, Bubble Ghost, Boxxle 2, Drop Zone, Castelian, Serpent, and Centipede. In Firefox I got an average of 22 frames per second, with a max of 23 FPS. With Safari I was able to get a whopping 59 FPS on average, with a max of 60 FPS. This is great for those of you who don’t want to install anything on your computer or are trying to kill time at work. As I become more aware of Java based emulators I will test them out and report back here at Mac Emulators. To play with this emulator go to the homepage. Let’s check out some of the features and the changes.


  • GLPv2 lisenced
  • Pure javascript and HTML5.
  • Works perfect with Google Chrome (even on a simple netbook). Slow with Firefox.
  • Integrated debugger (with disassembler, memory viewer, cpu registers…).
  • Almost everything is emulated, except sound.
  • Supports scanline effects, sprite priority, palettes, accurate timing…
  • Changes:
  • Now the framerate is limited by setInterval (one frame is painted every 17ms).
  • Input bug solved. Auto-repeated keys caused emulation to freeze.
  • DAA instruction (stolen from VisualBoyAdvance).
  • CPU emulation: using “macros” for similar instructions. This makes faster code (and easier to maintain).
  • Window display over background (seems to work in ‘Space Invaders’ or ‘Bubble Ghost’ intros).
  • Renaming functions and variables to keep a “Programming Style”.
  • HALT instruction (the weird-IME-off behavior is not emulated).
  • Added a Caller Stack, this makes debugging a lot easier.
  • Rewrited the whole LCD controller emulation. Now it’s much more accurate (and slower) it has pallete support, X/Y flipping, transparency and sprite priority.
  • Support for Chrome/Chromium putImageData (weird!).
  • Bug corrected on reading color info from tile data.
  • Partial MBC1 emulation (ROM switch). On bank switching, copies the bank into GameBoy memory.
  • Lots of optimizations.
  • MBC1 emulation rewrited. Instead copying, just makes a reference some games do more than 1000 bank switchings per second.
  • Found a bug in CPU, now more games are playable, like “Kirby’s Dreamland”, “Bomberman” and “Mario Land”.
  • Joined all timing routines (CPU, LCD, Timer) into a single one.
  • JSGB Homepage

    Cheers and thanks to EmuHQ for posting the good news.

    Virtual Box for Mac OSX (pc emulator) Updated

    There is a new version of the PC Emulator for Mac and other various operating systems. Let’s take a look at the release notes.

  • VMM: fixed 64 bits guest on 32 bits host regression in 3.0.6 (VT-x only; bug #4947)
  • VMM: fixed a recompiler triple fault guru meditation (VT-x & AMD-V only; bug #5058)
  • VMM: fixed hang after guest state restore (AMD-V, 32 bits Windows guest and IO-APIC enabled only; bug #5059)
  • VMM: fixed paging issue with OS/2 guests
  • VMM: fixed guru meditation in rare cases (2.0 regression; software virtualization only)
  • VMM: fixed release assertion during state restore when using the Sound Blaster 16 emulation (bug #5042)
  • Security: fixed vulnerability that allowed to execute commands with root privileges
  • Linux hosts: fixed runtime assertion in semaphore implementation which was triggered under certain conditions (bug #616)
  • Linux hosts: change the default USB access mode on certain distributions (bugs #3394 and #4291)
  • Linux hosts: on hardened Gentoo, the VBoxSVC daemon crashed by opening the VM network settings (bug #3732)
  • Linux hosts, Solaris hosts: pass the XAUTHORITY variable along the DISPLAY variable when starting a VM from VBoxManage or from the VM selector (bug #5063)
  • Linux hosts: use sysfs to enumerate host drives if hal is not available
  • Solaris hosts: fixed a bug which would hang the host sporadically as interrupts were not re-enabled everytime
  • Solaris hosts: fixed a kernel panic with bridged and host-only networking (bug #4775)
  • Solaris hosts: fixed incorrectly persistent CD/DVD-ROMs when changing them (bug #5077)
  • X11-based hosts: support additional function keys on Sun keyboards (bug #4907)
  • Mac OS X hosts (Snow Leopard): fixed problem starting headless VMs without a graphical session (bug #5002)
  • Mac OS X hosts: fixed problem listing host-only adapter names with trailing garbage (attached VMs won’t start)
  • Windows Additions: now work with Vista 64-bit Home editions (bug #3865)
  • Windows Additions: fixed screen corruption with ZoomText Magnifier
  • Windows Additions: fixed NPGetUniversalName failure (bug #4853)
  • Windows Additions: fixed Windows NT regression (bug #4946)
  • Windows Additions: fixed VBoxService not running if no Shared Folders are installed
  • Linux Additions: implemented ftrunctate (bug #4771)
  • VRDP: start VM even if configured VRDP port is in use
  • Networking: the PCnet network device stopped receiving under rare conditions (bug #4870)
  • VBoxManage: implemented controlvm vrdpport command
  • iSCSI: fixed issue with NetApp targets (#5072)
  • SCSI: add support for virtual disks larger than 2TB
  • USB: fixed potential crash when unplugging USB2 devices (bug #5089)
  • NAT: IPSEC did not properly work with Linux guests (bug #4801)
  • Download the latest version or go scope the homepage.

    VirtualBox For Mac OSX (Version 3.0.8)

    Or go scope the homepage.