Openemulator for Mac OSX

Openemulator is a program that emulates old legacy computers, such as the Apple-1 and MOS KIM-1 computers. They even do a great job of emulating the curvature of the old screen. Grab the download from the Box File Widget or from their homepage.

SDL MAME for Mac OS X Updated

SDL MAME for Mac OSX has been updated. This brings the multiple arcade machine emulator to a stable place, as it now sits at version .139. So those of you who have been waiting to catch up to the PC version can now breath easy. Download it from the Box File Widget or from the homepage.

Here is a little from the “what’s new text” as posted with MAME.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 03898: [Crash/Freeze] Atomiswave-based games in naomi.c: Game gets
         stuck in boot process. (Aaron Giles)
- 03957: [Documentation] samsh5sp & clones: according to title, year
         is 2004 not 2003 (moa)
- 03318: [Crash/Freeze] -burnin causes crash in vector games (Atari Ace)
- 03777: [Multisession] a51site4: Hang after loading via internal UI
         (multisession) (Atari Ace)

Source Changes
arm.c: Added big endian mode support to the LDRB and STRB
instructions. [Wilbert Pol]

CPS-1 update [Team CPS-1]:
 * Added missing PALs as reference to most of remaining sets
 * Dumped and added TK24B1.1A to dynwar [Corrado Tomaselli]
 * Fixed LW-13.10D rom loading in forgottn to match real pcb
 * Identified, verified and documented a ton of pcbs, adding/fixing
    missing/wrong infos as ROMs labels and positions, B-Board, C-Board
    and CPSB IDs, PALs [Stefan Lindberg, Dlfrsilver, MKL]
 * Reordered all sets per release date in cps1.c and video\cps1.c
 * Updated games table in video\cps1.c and added some notes on PALs
 * Minor cleanups

Or check out the full text of the changes here.

Valve to Add Mac OSX Support for Steam

For those of you who haven’t already seen this, Valve has announced that they will be creating a Mac version of their Steam service. Steam is Valve’s digital distribution software for games like Half-Life and Team Fortress. Xbox 360 users got a taste of Valve’s gaming goodness with the Orange Box but now Mac users might see some love. Users might get to buy, download, and then game with friends over Steam. Here is the link to sign up for Mac Beta testing. I will be signing up shortly but I wanted to blab about this as soon as I heard. It would be really interesting if they eventually opened up to the iPad. Half-Life for the iPad would be pretty rad. Even just being able to download and then sync to your Mac via a link with the Steam software would be interesting. These are just ideas though, no need to speculate just something to ponder.


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SDL MAME Updated

The Mac OSX version of SDL MAME saw an update. Let’s scope the release notes.

  • 1) Up to date with baseline 0.134u3 (RB)
  • 2) Cleanups to the SDL layer, including updated 1.3 support (Couriersud)
  • SDLMame For Mac OSX (22.7 MB)

    SDLMame Source Code (17.5 MB)