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SDL MAME for Mac OSX Updated

SDL MAME for Mac OSX saw an update yesterday. I am playing catch up so, let’s see what changes were made. As always, you can find this and any other download in the Box File widget on the right. Cheers!

  • 1) Up to date with baseline 0.135u1 (RB)
  • 2) Compile fix for PowerPC Linux (and BSD?) targets (sashz)
  • 3) IA64=1 compile option changed to NOASM=1. This is the first step towards being able to build SDLMAME for ARM and other architectures we don’t explicitly support. (RB)
  • I almost forgot, don’t forget to download the proper version. There are Universal (non-intel) and Intel optimized (x86) versions. Make sure you download the one that will work best for you! I think this is the first time there is an Intel optimized version over here in Mac land. I used to look at that “Intel Optimized” with a gleam of envy in my eyes.

    You can also check out the SDL homepage for more information and downloads. Cheers!

    Help me support a good cause!

    I’ve added several widgets to the blog now, but there’s one I feel is special. That’s the One Laptop Per Child program. Some kids are less fortunate and don’t have access to a computer. There is now a widget on my blog to help support the cause.

    Virtual Box for Mac OSX (pc emulator) Updated

    There is a new version of the PC Emulator for Mac and other various operating systems. Let’s take a look at the release notes.

  • VMM: fixed 64 bits guest on 32 bits host regression in 3.0.6 (VT-x only; bug #4947)
  • VMM: fixed a recompiler triple fault guru meditation (VT-x & AMD-V only; bug #5058)
  • VMM: fixed hang after guest state restore (AMD-V, 32 bits Windows guest and IO-APIC enabled only; bug #5059)
  • VMM: fixed paging issue with OS/2 guests
  • VMM: fixed guru meditation in rare cases (2.0 regression; software virtualization only)
  • VMM: fixed release assertion during state restore when using the Sound Blaster 16 emulation (bug #5042)
  • Security: fixed vulnerability that allowed to execute commands with root privileges
  • Linux hosts: fixed runtime assertion in semaphore implementation which was triggered under certain conditions (bug #616)
  • Linux hosts: change the default USB access mode on certain distributions (bugs #3394 and #4291)
  • Linux hosts: on hardened Gentoo, the VBoxSVC daemon crashed by opening the VM network settings (bug #3732)
  • Linux hosts, Solaris hosts: pass the XAUTHORITY variable along the DISPLAY variable when starting a VM from VBoxManage or from the VM selector (bug #5063)
  • Linux hosts: use sysfs to enumerate host drives if hal is not available
  • Solaris hosts: fixed a bug which would hang the host sporadically as interrupts were not re-enabled everytime
  • Solaris hosts: fixed a kernel panic with bridged and host-only networking (bug #4775)
  • Solaris hosts: fixed incorrectly persistent CD/DVD-ROMs when changing them (bug #5077)
  • X11-based hosts: support additional function keys on Sun keyboards (bug #4907)
  • Mac OS X hosts (Snow Leopard): fixed problem starting headless VMs without a graphical session (bug #5002)
  • Mac OS X hosts: fixed problem listing host-only adapter names with trailing garbage (attached VMs won’t start)
  • Windows Additions: now work with Vista 64-bit Home editions (bug #3865)
  • Windows Additions: fixed screen corruption with ZoomText Magnifier
  • Windows Additions: fixed NPGetUniversalName failure (bug #4853)
  • Windows Additions: fixed Windows NT regression (bug #4946)
  • Windows Additions: fixed VBoxService not running if no Shared Folders are installed
  • Linux Additions: implemented ftrunctate (bug #4771)
  • VRDP: start VM even if configured VRDP port is in use
  • Networking: the PCnet network device stopped receiving under rare conditions (bug #4870)
  • VBoxManage: implemented controlvm vrdpport command
  • iSCSI: fixed issue with NetApp targets (#5072)
  • SCSI: add support for virtual disks larger than 2TB
  • USB: fixed potential crash when unplugging USB2 devices (bug #5089)
  • NAT: IPSEC did not properly work with Linux guests (bug #4801)
  • Download the latest version or go scope the homepage.

    VirtualBox For Mac OSX (Version 3.0.8)

    Or go scope the homepage.

    SDL MAME UpdateD on Oct 4th


    I’m a little late posting this, by a day or so, but the Mac OSX version of SDL MAME saw an update. Several tweaks in the what’s new txt file. Check out what’s new and download from the link below.

    MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
    - 03403: [DIP/Input] rollfr_2: Can't init Roll Fruit game. (MetalliC)
    - 03458: [Sound] bzone and clones: Broken engine sound (couriersud)
    Source Changes
    Added genuine sets of Rally-X and New Rally-X [Team Japump!!!]
    discrete_sound_r now can inquiry any node: [couriersud]
     - the return type is UINT8, consequently the designer needs to ensure
        that the node delivers adequately scaled data.
     - input nodes allow the input data to be scaled. The return value is
        the node value *after* scaling.
    DISCRETE_74LS624 - optimized for some more speed. [Derrick Renaud]
    DISCRETE_566 - started making a more accurate simulation based on
    testing of a real IC. This makes the rest of Sky Raider sounds work.
    [Derrick Renaud]
    Completed dump of Gun Survivor 2 cart [Guru]
    Hacked in the dsp56156's "Long Interrupts."  Added SUB opcode.
    Polygonet Commanders now goes in-game! [Andrew Gardner]
    plygonet.c: hooked up 53936 roz layer. [R. Belmont, David Haywood]
    Fleshed out SCC68070 definition in m68k core, for CD-i use in MESS
    m68k: disassemble PMOVE instruction (move to/from PMMU). [R. Belmont]
    exp is slow, but pow is even slower [couriersud]
     - more LS624 optimization, replace pow(10, x) by pow10(x)
     - mixer loop optimizations
    Impromved discrete performance for mario: [couriersud]
     - pow to exp : 5%
     - parallel tasks : 45%
     - minor tweaks
    M680x0 update: [R. Belmont]
     - Add CPU types 68EC030, 68030, and 68EC040
     - Start of 030/040 PMMU, including stubbed PMOVE
    Fixed up RAM bank names to prevent crashes with memdump. Extended
    explicit banks to 96. [Aaron Giles]
    multfish.c driver fixes and improvements: [MetalliC]
     - Hooked up inputs for Roll Fruit
     - Added hopper emulation, payout now works
     - Added information on how to initialize Roll Fruit
     - Added in missing rom to a few MultiFish sets
    DISCRETE_555_MSTABLE - optimized speed and added new operating modes.
    [Derrick Renaud]
    Fixed ROM name of warpwarp. Also removed 4th program ROM which is not
    present on real board. [Team Japump!!!]
    Memory references can now explicitly specify logical or physical
    access by prepending with an 'l' or 'p'. Logical remains the default.
    Example: ppb@1000 = physical program space byte at address $1000.
    ldw@2000 = logical data space word at address $2000. Changed cheat
    finder to explicitly reference physical memory when writing out new
    cheats. [Aaron Giles]
    Added simple system for auto-detecting cheat-worthy RAM areas.
    [Sandro Ronco]
    Added NULL check to prevent MAME from crashing if a new input device
    was connected at runtime. [David Haywood]
    Expanded PROFILER_USERx to support up to 8 custom profiler areas.
    [Christophe Jaillet]
    Added more _NAME macros to be consistent with the standard naming
    conventions. [Atari Ace]
    Shuffled code around to better integrate HazeMD implementation.
    [David Haywood, Fabio Priuli]
    Sped up mario_custom_run() discrete sound. [Derrick Renaud]
    Added discrete sound to Sprint 8. [Derrick Renaud]
    Removed capacitor aging code and assumed range input is gnd for all
    74LS629. [couriersud]
    Omplemented m:n logic for buffered task nodes in discrete sound
     - preparation work so that a task node output buffer may be read by
        more than one following task.
     - target: implementation of task groups: tasks in a task group run
        parallel, task groups serial. The current main task may than just
        be task (in the last task group)
    Space Walk - started discrete sounds. [Derrick Renaud]
    Added static qualifiers where possible throughout the code.
    [Atari Ace]
    Discrete task groups [couriersud]
     - DISCRETE_TASK_START now requires a parameter TASK_GROUP (>=0, <=9)
     - Tasks are scheduled in the order of their task group
     - Nodes are automatically buffered between task groups
     - Discrete core determines nodes which need buffering to minimize
        overhead (information in DISCRETE_LOG)
     - A discrete block list now must put each stepped node into a task
        if it uses tasks
     - Drivers not using tasks will get one task allocated automatically
     - Updated drivers accordingly
     - Some more constification
    Optimized tab removal in srcclean. [Atari Ace]
    Centralized color definitions and made some colors more specific.
    Hooked up Polynet Warriors joystick properly. [Andrew Gardner]
    New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
    Othello (version 3.0) [Tomasz Slanina, Stefan Lindberg]
    New clones added
    Total Vice (ver UAC) [Phil Bennett]
    Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (Quicken Pt-I, bootleg)
       [D. Beneke, Guru, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
    Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Accelerator!, bootleg)
       [D. Beneke, Guru, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
    Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road Track-Pak (2 Players) [Darran]
    Gals Panic 4 (Korea) [Choi Sung Ho]
    Mortal Kombat II (rev L3.1 (European)) [Andy Welburn]
    Cadash (Germany) [Volker Hann, Team Europe]
    Space Empire (bootleg) [Team Europe]
    Target Hits (ver 1.0) [Andrew Conroy]
    Vulcan Venture (Older) [Irongiant]
    Astro Blaster (German) [Volker Hann & Team Europe]
    Pac-Man (Galaxian hardware, set 2) [Team Europe]
    Zaxxon (Japan) [Team Japump!!!]
    New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
    Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution (Cartridge) [f205v, David Haywood]
    48-in-1 MAME bootleg (ver 3.09) [Guru]
    48-in-1 MAME bootleg (ver 3.02) [Guru]
    Seta Roulette? [Team Europe]

    Check out the homepage or download from the link below.

    SDLMame For Mac OSX – Version .134u2

    Frontend Program (Needed for SDL MAME if you don’t know how to use terminal)