QMC2 Is Looking For Translators

QMC2, a front end for MAME and MESS, is actively looking for language translators for their popular front end. Check out the whole article on their site.

Cheers! They also snagged some new logos too. 😉

QMC2 Updated – MAME Front End

There is a new build for Mac OSX QMC2 users. Grab it from the Box File Widget that is located on the right hand side of the blog homepage. It has been split up into parts due to the file size restrictions. Here is a little more information from the homepage.

Download the latest build of QMC2 for Mac OS X (x86, ppc) here: qmc2-macosxuniversal-0.34.dmg

Qt-wise, the package is self-contained, that is it already includes the Qt 4 framework (4.7.3). You only need to additionally install the SDL framework (1.2.14), which is required for MAME & MESS anyway on that platform. The binaries require Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and have been created and tested on 10.6 (x86 architecture).

If you want or need to build QMC2 from source (explained in this FAQ), note that XCode 4.x is currently NOT supported, only XCode 3.2 (due to a Qt limitation; community patches for qmake to support XCode 4 already exist, though)!

Please also note that there’s a Qt/Phonon bug that may cause a post-mortem crash on exit, which you can safely ignore (though it may be annoying). If it happens to you, there’s nothing we can do about it, but you can disable the annoying crash report dialog if you will:

$ defaults write com.apple.CrashReporter DialogType none

To re-enable the crash report, just replace none with prompt.

You may also look here for builds of intermediate/test releases (and the latest final release): Mac OS X packages

QMC2 Has a Brand New Logo

QMC2 is a great front end for SDL MAME and MESS and they now have a new logo. Head over to their website and check it out. Cheers!

MAME Front End for Mac

MAME Library is a MAME front end for Mac OSX. The front end looks a lot like iPhoto and is pretty awesome. MAME Library uses the MUPhotoView for the iPhoto style UI. There aren’t many front end programs for Mac, so grab it from the Box File Widget or from their website. Let’s check out some of the features.

  • Organise your games into collections
  • Displays game screenshots in iPhoto like interface
  • Rate your games
  • Stores last played & play counts
  • Live searching of games by title, manufacturer, year, rating, playcout …
  • Show / hide clones, show available / all games
  • Launch games full screen
  • Imports game meta data from MAME OS X

MAME Front End for Mac OSX

Just found this link in the SDL MAME website today and thought I’d make a full post about it. It is a front end you can use on Mac OSX for SDL MAME. Makes SDL MAME easy for the rest of us folks. If you don’t feel comfortable using terminal on your Mac but you still want to use the latest version of MAME and not just the last version of MAME OSX. The Windows users aren’t the only people who can use the latest version of MAME, so can you.

MameTunes (Frontend)

NEWer Update to MAME Frontend MAMEP GUI

This is a frontend from the folks that brought you Mame Plus! Some updates to the code, and here they are.

  • updated Hungarian translation [Delirious]
  • added CHD folder
  • supported F12 snapshots
  • disabled the buggy aqua theme on MacOSX
    1.4 rc 3

  • fixed a crash when loading a corrupted cache
  • added support for Favorites folder
  • better screening for fix-dat
    1.4 rc 2

  • added driver config editor for MAMEPlus
  • better fuzzy search for localized game list
  • reenabled automatic refresh at startup
  • fixed icons of MESS games
  • fixed sorting of MESS games

Download here,

MAMEPGUI For Mac OSX (10.6 MB) – Version 1.4

Or visit the page of the release post.