SixtyForce (N64) Updated

The N64 emulator by Gerrit called SixtyForce saw an updated some time ago. I tried it out and it plays really well on my 24″ iMac with my wireless Xbox 360 controller. The graphics and sound seem on point. It looks like their gem just keeps getting more and more polished. If you support the emulator and donate a little bit of well deserved cash, they remove the Gerrit logo and allow saves. This is by far my favorite emulator for the Mac. Grab it from the downloads box on the right hand side of this blog or from their homepage.

SixtyForce Updated for 2010

Gerrit has finally posted a new version of their Nintendo Sixty Four, N64, emulator for Max OSX. Let’s quickly dive into the changes and make sure you download and try this one out. As usual, you can find this in the Box File Widget here on the Mac Emulator’s homepage.

“This verison has major improvements to nearly everything. An improved Cocoa interface, better graphic compatibility, better emulation compatibility and improved sound. Plus a new sound plugin is included for Intel Macs: Azimer Audio 0.55.1” (Gerrit).

Neo Myth Flash Cart Brings Your Roms to Your N64

Similar to the Doctor 64 and other devices like this, the Neo Myth Flash Cart will plug in to your Nintendo 64 game console as if it was a cart and load your roms directly into the game console. No emulator used here, simply 100% Nintendo 64 game console goodness. The Doctor 64 is something you might be able to find on a forum listed for sale. As I recall, I found one right before I lost my Mortgage Loan job and almost bought it. When buying from a forum you need to be careful though. Arrange a decent method of payment and don’t get cheated. However, the Doctor 64 would most likely be cheaper than this new Neo Myth Flash Cart, as the Neo Myth Flash Cart sells for a whopping 200 dollars. Just remember it is very hard to find an old Doctor 64 and that you can easily find a Neo Myth Flash Cart at DCEmu.

For more pictures and purchase information visit

Jario64 Java N64 Emulator

Yet another Java emulator for “windows” saw an update today. Most Java emulators will run on a Mac. I was unable to run Super Mario 64 however, the GUI loaded just fine. This emulator is in the early stages of development but, I like to see more Java emulators. More Java emulators means more universal emulators. Java runs on pretty much every operating system. Apparently this new update adds sound. This emulator MIGHT NOT actually work for your Mac but, you are welcome to try. Mostly I’m posting this so that some one might be inclined to make it work for the Mac.

Cocoa SixtyForce preview for OSX

Gerrit makes a fairly good Nintendo 64 emulator for Mac OSX and a while back started work on a cocoa rewrite. In case you hadn’t heard or seen it for yourself you can download it through the links below. It’s nothing to get too excited about, especially since the original version hasn’t seen an update since back in 2007. Last year they released the cocoa preview, so I’m posting the link in the spirit of being complete and presenting all the emulation possibilities on a Mac.

Click Here to Download the Preview

Or just in case you don’t have a copy of the original version of SixtyForce for Mac OSX, that version is in the link below.

sixtyforce 0.9.2.dmg