Connectix Virtual Game Station

Back in the day, a company called Connectix produced a great Playstation emulator for Mac OSX called Virtual Game Station. Sony stepped in and bought the company out and shut them down. It is fairly easy to find the demo on the internet, but I’ve found something better. I found a couple different files. CVGS seems like the installer for the Full Version, otherwise there is also an original copy of the disc that was produced at the time. Download either or and see if it works out for you but remember, it only works for folks using OS9 with Power PC Apple computers. Some folks with Intel based OSX computers have gotten it to load up in SheepShaver, but they haven’t gotten it to run a game yet. Download the files in the Box File Widget or from the following links. Cheers!

Download the Original Disc Image (Archive of Playstation Emulators for Mac)


PCSXR – PCSX Reloaded for Mac 1.9.92






PCSX Reloaded for Mac OSX deserves some mentioning today as it’s been a quite some time since I’ve blogged about it. PCSX Reloaded has not been updated since Aug 5, 2005. It sits at version 1.9.92 and can be downloaded from the Box File Widget or from their homepage.

Playstation Emulators for the Mac

I have scoured the internet to find all the possible Playstation emulators for the Mac. FlareStorm and PCSX are the most popular ones out there right now, however there are others. VGS was the first commercial Playstation emulator for the Mac, but soon faded away. The demo is still available for download, so I have posted it and the others in the Box File Widget. The Pi and PSMac are smaller, less known Playstation emulators for the Mac. Those have also been posted as well. Last, but not least, there are plugins for Flarestorm and PCSX available for download too. To get certain games working properly, you will need these plugins. Many of these emulators require older operating systems and won’t function in Leopard, even with their Classic Environment support. I was unable to try VGS. I did manage to get PCSX running after installing Rosette. Your Mac will tell you to install Rosette and then install it for you. After installing Rosette, you should be free to play Playstation games on your Mac. For better compatibility, don’t forget to install the extra plugins too.

Grab all these emulators from the Box File Widget on the right. Flarestorm, PCSX, The Pi and PsMac are all in there. I’ve renamed them so that they might be easier to pick out from the Box File Widget.