An Update to BSNES and Some Words from Richard Bannister

It has been months since Richard Bannister last updated one of his emulators, but I check back from time to time just in case there might be something there. Today I stumbled upon an update of his Super Nintendo emulator for the Mac, BSNES. There was also an update on the progress of this emulator. He can’t update the emulator due to restrictions in the current operating system for Mac, Lion. Here’s what he had to say about it.

There is no way for me to update BSNES to the latest version at the moment, as the code requires a C++0x compiler which is not currently available for Lion. Once this changes I will see what I can do.

As usual, pick up the latest version of BSNES from the Box File Widget or from Richard Bannister’s homepage.

*Correction to the title of the blog. Cheers!

Bannister Emulators Working with Lion

According to a post by the main man himself, all of Richard Bannister’s emulators found on his website are compatible with OS Lion. OS Lion is Apple’s latest operating system.

All current releases on this site except Cacophony are believed to be compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

New Version of BSNES for Mac OSX

There is a new version of BSNES, the Super Nintendo emulator, for Mac OSX. This new update requires an Intel Mac. Let’s check out the changes.

  • Support for cheat codes.
  • Support for Super Gameboy titles.
  • Saved state support for SuperFX and SA-1 titles.
  • Decryption of SPC7110 games.
  • Various accuracy improvements.

Download it from the Box File Widget or from the homepage.

All things Mac Emulators and Richard Bannister

Richard Bannister has one of the best one stop shops for Mac Emulators. Every thing from Super Nintendo to Sega Master System. It’s basically the holy grail of game emulators for mac. If you have a Mac and you want to play some of your old school games on it, you should really check his site out.

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