Generation Roms is Back

My old favorite emulation web site is back in action. I love this site so much, that I’m an admin. It has all the best roms for tons and tons of old console systems. Back in the day, it used to be called Generation Roms. It was down for a while but is now up and running again. Check out  The RomConnection. Register for an account and start downloading all the classic retro games until you explode into gummy worms, rainbows, bunny rabbits, and pure bliss.

P.S. Shout Out to Dragon, Game Freak, and Rabbit.

MAME – Free Roms

The free roms that are available from the MAME homepage are now available here on the Mac Emulators homepage and can be found in the Box File Widget. They are for “non-commercial” use and if you want, you can get more information from their website.

Have You Ever Dreamed of Creating a Game for SNES?


Well, now with the quickdev16 you can. This is a developers cart for loading homebrew and other roms to your SNES system. Build your game and then try it out on your SNES. Both NTSC and PAL SNES consoles work with the kit. You can develop and upload a game up to 16Mbits. They have patched upload software running under Mac OSX and other various Operating Systems. It sells for $120 dollars and that price includes shipping.

Quickdev16 Home Page