MAME for Mac OS X v.145u6

The experimental version of MAME for Mac OS X now sits at version 145u6. The Universal binaries are no longer supported, so if you have a PPC still then it’s time to upgrade. Let’s peep the changes. Find it in the Box File Widget or from their website.


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04741: [Sound] xmen: Instruments in the music are playing back at
         the wrong volume (hap)
- 02675: [Sound] rdft, rdft2: Music used in the boss levels of Raiden
         Fighters and Raiden Fighters 2 play (Mssion 1-3, 2-3) slower
	 than the original. (Sonikos)
- 04734: [Crash/Freeze] tylz: Crash after OK (Pugsy)
- 04743: [Crash/Freeze] pzloop2jr1: Black Screen (Tafoid)
- 04735: [Crash/Freeze] breywood, shackled: Black screen (stephh)
- 04737: [Original Reference] ckong: correct manufacturer found for
         Crazy Kong (Falcon?)

Source Changes
Change DirectInput joystick acquisition method to be non exclusive.

toaplan2.c: Correct the video (character layer) offset for 1945 Part-2
(Chinese hack of Battle Garegga) [Dave Haywood]

dc: Fix the maple hookup and controllers and add the missing maple irq
[O. Galibert]

galaxia.c: Improved colors and hooked up cvs stars circuit. [hap]

Hooked up TMS9928 and PIA devices to Baby Pac-Man video CPU, gives
some gfx if you press the service switch [Angelo Salese]

pgm.c: Continued refactoring of the protections, including improved
notes.  Moved some code into the states and split states by protection
type.  [David Haywood]

Set the correct cpu in mpu5.c driver and split a few alternate
revisions into clone sets.  [David Haywood]

Decrypted the rest of the gambling sets in igs_m027.c.  No further
advancements in visible emulation to report, though.  [iq132]

Redumped sound roms in funcube2 and funcube3 [Guru, Yasuhiro Ogawa]

Improved irqs in Little Robin, and added preliminary sound to it
[Angelo Salese]

model2.c: Added the I/O Controller rom (Z80 based) for Rail Chase 2
[Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]

Converted gamtor.c to use VGA device (doesn't work though due of a
weird banking problem) [Angelo Salese]

m68k: add preliminary on-board peripherals to 68307 and 68340
[David Haywood]

SDL: Fix formatting of chdman man page [wallyweek]

Allow compilation with compatible system-installed versions of libjpeg
and libflac [wallyweek, R. Belmont]

Solved the remaining issues with Raiden 2's sprite decryption.
[Andreas Naive]

Major driver modernization changes [Miodrag Milanovic]
- Added 4th parameter to all address maps
- Added missing state classes
- Removed ADDRESS_MAP_MODERN define

rastan.c: Add dipswitch locations to the Rastan sets. [Brian Troha]

namcos21.c: Added Namco game prefix to the Winning Run 91 set. Added
minor documentation about the System21B two board stack. [Brian Troha]

nmk16.c: Fixes some issues and cleaned up the video sources a bit

Fixed ymf271.c core timer allowing for greater accuracy. [Sonikos]

BFM Scorpion 4 Hardware:  [David Haywood]
 * General update which fleshes out some of the 68307 code (not 100%
    correct hookups, just improved logging and enough to get us
 * Added various devices to the SC4 emulation, added a default layout
    showing the VFD, to which most of the earlier games will now write
    'Initializing'.  Timers and other devices still need to be
    implemented properly before they actually initialize.
 * Put the actual SC4 hardware emulation in drivers/bfm_sc4h.c so that
    it doesn't get lost in the swamp of sets (scrolling through a file
    is quite hard when it's almost entirely set definitions)

mirax, miraxa (mirax.c) [stephh] :
 * Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the Z80 code)

Implemented flip screen support to Mirax [Angelo Salese]

galdrvr.c: Added preliminary protection emulation to Monster Zero.

Moved all drivers to using the paletteram helpers defined in the
driver_device base class. The palette base is now specified via an
AM_SHARE of "paletteram" or "paletteram2". The driver_device base
class now finds these pointers and places them in
m_generic_paletteram_8/_16/_32 and m_generic_paletteram2_8/_16/_32.
[Aaron Giles]

Removed machine.generic.paletteram*, and machine.generic entirely.
Removed AM_BASE_GENERIC/AM_SIZE_GENERIC as they don't apply anymore.
[Aaron Giles]

Changed required_/optional_shared_ptr to support set_target with base
and size for manually configuring a shared pointer, and a new allocate
method for dynamically allocating (and registering the memory for save
states). [Aaron Giles]

Converted memory_private to memory_manager and moved global memory
operations into methods on it. Converted the less-popular cases over
in drivers that used them, leaving the bank management APIs global for
now. [Aaron Giles]

Add logic to ensure that shared pointers are checked to be of the
right width. The primary upshot is that if you declare
AM_SHARE("paletteram") in an 8-bit memory map, then only
m_generic_paletteram_8 will be populated, and m_generic_paletteram_16
will be NULL. But it applies to all required_/optional_shared_ptrs
declared, so make sure they are of the right type. [Aaron Giles]

Added code to cdrom.c to compute and verify ECC codes for mode 1/2
sectors. [David Haywood]

Added CD compressor template which separates subcode data from sector
data, removes redundant ECC data prior to compression, and uses
separate compressors for each part. Defined LZMA and ZLib CD
compressors based on this and made them the default for CDs.
[Aaron Giles]

Redumped sprites rom of lhzb2 [Guru]

Decrypted sprites in lhzb. Decrypted tiles and palette in lhzb2 and
slqz2. Added inputs and memory maps in these games, pending protection
simulation [Luca Elia]

Move driver list/enumerator to new file drivenum.c/.h. Move
game_driver definition and constants to new header gamedrv.h. [Aaron

wldarrow.c: Added service inputs, allowing battery RAM to be
initialized in test mode, making the games close to playable. [hap]

namcos10: Fix banking for Mr. Driller 2, first stab at the encryption
[O. Galibert]

misc sc4/68307 updates + prelim peripheral hookups, allows most sc4
sets to run their sound rom checks [David Haywood]

rastan.c: Cleaned up Parent/Child order. Corrected ROM names and added
additional information / notes. [Brian Troha]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Fun River [Sara S.]
unknown Japanese horse gambling game (preliminary) [hap, Paul Swan]

New clones added
Rastan (US) [Stefan Lindberg]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Quiz Show [hap, Siftware]
Dragon World Pretty Chance [Smitdogg, Tjeerd Carter]

SDL MAME .144u1

SDL MAME for Mac OSX now sits at version .144u1. This is an experimental 64 bit build. Download it from the Box File Widget on the right hand side of the Mac Emulators blog homepage, or from their we website. Let’s check some of the changes from the What’s New text file.


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04199: [Documentation] barbball: Typo in title
- 01879: [Graphics] All sets in toaplan2.c: Cocktail mode (Player 2)
         has no background images (David Haywood)
- 01004: [Graphics] chinhero, chinhero2, chinherot: There is a bad
         sprite on level 7 of the game. (Pierpaolo Prazzoli)
- 02111: [Graphics] madalien, madaliena: Missing lightup when enemies
         explode in dark
- 02041: [Sound] smgp and clones: Voice samples incorrectly played (hap)
- 00992: [Sound] hangon: The pitch of the engine sound is wrong (hap)
- 03460: [Color/Palette] starfire, starfirea: Incorrect color at bottom
         of screen
- 04190: [Color/Palette] heiankyo: wrong colors (hap)
- 02080: [Sound] armedf: DAC Chip playing Orchestra Hit Sample too low
- 03501: [Sound] batsugun, batsuguna, batsugunsp: Missing music and some
         sound effects (Alex Jackson)
- 04147: [Crash/Freeze] raiden: crashes if you use -debug switch
         (Alex Jackson)
- 03808: [Graphics] starsldr, vivdolls: Garbled screen (MooglyGuy)
- 04079: [Crash/Freeze] mtrain: Access Violation before OK (Luca Elia)
- 04178: [Documentation] cmmb162: Year should be 2002
- 00865: [Graphics] blandia: In Jurane stage, the whole bottom of the
         screen is filled with solid gray. (Pierpaolo Prazzoli)
- 04180: [Crash/Freeze] dunkmniaj: To key press "OK" the game has only a
         blue screen. (Tafoid)
- 02883: [Debugger] debugger: Pressing F10 (Step Over) occasionally
         causes Debug menu to light up (hap)
- 04165: [Crash/Freeze] vbowl, vbowlj: Crash after OK
- 04166: [Crash/Freeze] arabian, arabiana: After several cycles of the
         attact mode, the game halts (Phil Bennett)
New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Mr. Kicker [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
X-Plan [Bicycle Repair Man, Luca Elia]
Penfan Girls [hap, N. Francfort, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Witch Card (Video Klein CPU box) [Roberto Fresca]
Jolli Witch (Export, 6T/12T ver 1.57D) [Roberto Fresca]
Wild Witch (Export, 6T/12T ver 1.74A) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]

New clones added
Sega Touring Car Championship (Newer) [briantro]
Sega Touring Car Championship (Unknown Revision) [Brian Troha]
Mahjong Man Guan Da Heng (Taiwan, V125T1) [Luca Elia]
Zero Team Suicide Revival Kit [Angelo Salese]
Bombjack Twin (prototype? with adult pictures)
  [ranger_lennier, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Sexy Parodius (ver AAA) [Tormod]
Ring of Destruction: Slammasters II (Asia 940831)
  [john666, Smitdogg, David Haywood, The Dumping Union]
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (USA 960430)
  [Ricky74, Layne, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Football Champ (World, bootleg) [Clawgrip] (not working)
Gekirindan (Ver 2.30 1995/09/21)
  [Corrado Tomaselli, J. Bijl, The Dumping Union]
1943: Battle of Midway (bootleg, hack of Japan set)
  [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Road Riot 4WD (set 1, 13 Nov 1991)  (not working)
  [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Scramble (bootleg?) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe & Hal9k]
Zero Target (World, CW)
  [ranger_lennier, B. Sparks, Kevin Eshbach, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
X-Plan [Bicycle Repairman]
Fantasy Zone (Mega-Tech, SMS based) [Ace]
Brave Fire Fighters [Guru]
NASCAR Racing [Guru]
Lucky Lady (Wing, encrypted) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe & Willi.O]
ATV Track
  [hap, ANY, ranger_lennier, dopefishjustin, gamerfan, gatt9, N.
   Francfort, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, David Haywood]

SDL MAME Updated to v0.144 (Stable)

SDL MAME for Mac has been updated to version .144. This version is a “stable” version, as opposed to the “experimental” ones. You can download it from their homepage or from the Box File Widget on the homepage.


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04526: [Documentation] m4bigapl and clones: The correct description
         is "The Big Apple (Mdm)".
- 04525: [Documentation] ep_smoke: The correct description is "Holy
         Smoke! (Impulse) (EPOCH)".
- 04527: [Documentation] m4uuaw: The correct description is "Up Up and
         Away (Barcrest) (MPU4)".
- 04522: [Documentation] m5bwaves: The correct description is "Brain
         Waves (Barcrest) (MPU5)".
- 04523: [Documentation] m4click: The correct description is "Clickity
         Click (Barcrest) (MPU4)".
- 04524: [Documentation] j6rh6: The correct year is 2002.
- 04520: [Documentation] j2supsft: The correct description is
         "Supashifta (Jpm) (MPS)".
- 04519: [Documentation] nudgeit: The correct description is "Nudge-
- 04521: [Documentation] j6cas5: The correct description is "Casino
         5ive Liner (Jpm) (IMPACT)".
- 04500: [Documentation] ep_simbg: The correct description is
         "SIMPSONS - Duff Beer Guide"
- 04517: [Documentation] j2cshfil: The correct description is "Cash-
         Filla (Pcp (MPS)".
- 04516: [Documentation] j5suphi: The correct description is "Super
         Hi-Lo (Jpm) (SYSTEM5)."
- 04515: [Documentation] megaaton: The correct name is "Meg Aaton".
- 04514: [Documentation] mousn_l1, mousn_l4, mousn_lu, mousn_lx: The
         correct description is "Mousin' Around!".
- 00504: [Graphics] hharryu, dkgensan: They have some background
         misplacement. (Roberto Zandonà)

Source Changes
Fixed up the flicky and clones (system1.c) Dip Switches after a fair
amount of playtesting.  Also, added some specific set notes related to
oddness/differences observed. [Tafoid]

Start of input ports cleanup in the Toaplan drivers:
[Alex Jackson, kanikani]
 * Removed some unused macros from toaplipt.h
 * Fixed polarity of DIPLOCATIONs in toaplan2.c
 * Added some missing inputs

Fixed tms99xx STCR command [Michael Zapf]

xmultipl: fixed tilemaps offsets [Roberto Zandona']

SDL: Add TAP/TUN networking capability and shell script for
configuration [Carl]

Added some common country and language names to the default strings,
and removed some unused and/or redundant strings [Alex Jackson]

Various improvement to Amiga FDC system [O. Galibert]

ipf: Describe the remaining fields [O. Galibert, SPS]

Rewrote NCR539x SCSI emulation from scratch [R. Belmont]

More Toaplan input fixes: [Alex Jackson, kanikani]
 * Added DIPLOCATIONs and missing inputs to twincobr.c, wardner.c,
 * Added information about ingame test/debug features to comments in
* Unified toaplan2.c inputs with the other Toaplan drivers

Converted neogeo MVS driver to use software lists in preparation for
multislot support [David Haywood]

neogeo.c: fixed kof98 on non-Windows builds [Alex Jackson]

Added per-channel volume control to ES5505/ES5506 sound chip, and
hooked it up to the Taito F3 driver [Angelo Salese]

Added a preliminary ES5510 DSP DRAM input/output latches support in
Taito F3 driver, fixes sound in Ring Rage and Riding Fight
[Angelo Salese]

Implemented FRC hook-up to Sega System 24 HW, fixes missing SFXs to
Bonanza Bros. [Angelo Salese, Phil Bennett, Charles MacDonald]

6522VIA: Implemented CA2 pulse output mode, and output interrupt state
only when it changes. [Curt Coder]

6532RIOT: Output interrupt state only when it changes. [Curt Coder]

hikaru: added 0.84 BIOS [Arzeno Fabrice]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Dirt Dash [Phil Bennett, hap]
Galaxy Game [Mariusz Wojcieszek, hap, Quantum Leaper]

New clones added
King of the Monsters 2 - The Next Thing (prototype)
  [Tormod, Kevin Eshbach, f205v, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Alien Front (Rev T) [Arzeno Fabrice]
House of the Dead 2 (prototype) [Arzeno Fabrice]
18 Wheeler (Rev. A) [Arzeno Fabrice]
Zero Team (set 5, Korea, Dream Soft license) [Guru, gp-lee]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Gunbalina (GNN1 Ver.A)
  [Yohji, hap, Krusty, B. Munger, Brian Troha, D. Edwardson, Kevin
  Eshbach, R. Weidinger, J. Kretschmer, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Arcana Heart Full [Tormod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Melty Blood Actress Again [The Dumping Union]

SDL MAME for Mac Updated

SDL MAME for Mac has been updated to version .143u7. This is a 64 bit experimental version. I apologize to the folks using Power PC’s but even Apple has said goodbye. It is clearly time to say goodbye. So, without further ado, check out the changes below and grab the download from the Box File Widget on the right hand side of the Mac Emulators Blog homepage. Cheers!


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 02448: [Graphics] lethalen: External' rowscroll not hooked up
         correctly (1st attract level, highscores). (Roberto Zandona')
- 04471: [Crash/Freeze] Many sets using m68000-family CPU: Access
         Violation (Sandro Ronco)
- 04345: [Sound] nbbatman, ssoldier and clones: Sounds freezes or
         halts after a time (Mamesick)
- 04386: [Graphics] timecris and clones: Specific room with incorrect
         lighting on Stage 2 (hap)
- 04495: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in cd32.c: All games fail to boot
         properly (mariuszw, R. Belmont)
- 00258: [Graphics] blswhstl: Graphic glitch on the final boss.
- 00373: [Graphics] butasan: There are missing background tiles and
         wrong colours. (robiza)
- 00172: [Graphics] butasan: The top status area (where the score and
         time info is) is missing text and has wrong colors. (robiza)

Source Changes
Major rewrite of umipoker and saiyukip input system. Added missing
inputs, fixing structure. Added button- lamps support and layout to
saiyukip, coin counters and complete documented outputs to both games.
Also reworked the DIP switches structure to match what the test mode
shows, with their respective DIP locations [Roberto Fresca]

Complete DIP switches & DIP locations for Umi de Poker and Slot Poker
Saiyuki [Roberto Fresca]

Added Cherry Master '97 PCB layout. [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]

Fix for systems where getc() is a #define rather than a function

neogeo: Fixed game saving [ElBarto]

butasan: fixed text ram banking [Roberto Zandona']

blswhstl: fixed screen size and zoom [Roberto Zandona']

Exposed the Z80 DART interrupt vector to non-Z80 users. [Curt Coder]

Improved inputs and added some TLB notes in the Aleck64 driver
[Peter Sealy]

m68000 - Fix for MINGW compiler optimization [Sandro Ronco]

Big10: Fixed default DIP switches and DIP locations. [Roberto Fresca]

Fixed all HLSL stability issues except visible crease. [Ryan Holtz,
    Bat Country Entertainment]

Fixed Z80DART FIFO starting index. [Curt Coder]

m68k: Activate trace emulation and fixed it [O. Galibert]

m68000: Avoid a case when dropping the irq mask just after taking a
auto-acked interrupt would cause a spurious irq [O. Galibert]

m68000: Reset the double-bus/address-error flag where appropriate to
avoid halting on consecutive but not linked exceptions [O. Galibert]

m68k: preliminary support for ColdFire family and MCF5206E [R. Belmont]

namcos22.c: Fixed or improved polygon fade, high priority polygons,
texture c-mode, sprite seaming, textlayer alpha/shadow, DSP external
memory addressmask, and some other smaller issues. [hap]

sh3/4: fixed big-endian mode [R. Belmont]

Hooked up touch screen to Odeon Twister 2 [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

Fix incorrect masking of register writes on ay-3-8914, fixes wrong
envelope amplitude on games which use hardware enveloping on
Intellivision (Thunder Castle, etc) [Huygens]

Added complete dump for sfish2 [Guru]

namcos22.c: Fixed or improved tokyowar sprite garbage, sprites in
alpinesa alpinr2a/b and cybrcycc, sprite x/y flipping, sprite delta
x/y, texture c-mode (again), and some z priority issues. [hap]

tms9928a.c: Fixed colission detection regression.  [Wilbert Pol]

m68k: preliminary 68040 MMU implementation [R. Belmont]

Figured out the sound system of Muroge Monaco and clones. It's a
Delta-Sigma DAC (1-bit/Bitstream), driven by the bit 3 of the output
port 0x7000. [Roberto Fresca]

Fixed the graphics decode of Las Vegas. [Roberto Fresca]

Added correct P1 and M1 for Neo Mr. Do and made some documentation
updates in the Neo-Geo driver [Johnboy]

Updated intelfsh.c in order to support AMD 29F080 chip [Sandro Ronco]

namcos23.c: added gun input to Time Crisis 2 [hap]

Further major organization, documentation and reordering of numerous
(about 2500) gambling / Fruit machine titles covering multiple
systems.  [David Haywood]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
PEPSI Man [Luca Elia, Yasuhiro Ogawa]
Uchuu Tokkyuu Medalian [Luca Elia, Yasuhiro Ogawa]
Funcube 3 [Luca Elia, Yasuhiro Ogawa]
FamicomBox [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

New clones added
Jungle King (alternate sound)  [Andrew Welburn]
Zero Gunner (Japan, Model 2A) [Tormod, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Last Bronx (USA, Revision A) [R. Mucciarelli, The Dumping Union]
Viper Phase 1 (USA, New Version, set 2) [Arzeno Fabrice]
Vigilante (US) - Rev. G  [Corrado Tomaselli]
Cruis'n Exotica v1.0 [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
NBA Jam T.E. Nani Edition (rev 5.2 8/11/95) [TerryMasters]
Muroge Monaco (set 3) [Roberto Fresca, EMMA Italian Dumping Team]
Butasan - Pig's & Bomber's (Japan, English) [Bensonrad]
Aqua Jack (US) [ShouTime]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Cherry Master '97 [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe, FatArnold]
Metalman [PinMAME]
Pimbal (Pinball 3000) [PinMAME]


SDL MAME for Mac OSX now sits at .141u4. This is an experimental version. Grab the 64 bit version from the Box File Widget or check out their homepage.

Let’s check out the changes.


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 01555: [Graphics] vanvan, vanvanb, vanvank: Graphics are corrupted.
- 02841: [Graphics] pacnpal, pacnpal2, pacnchmp: Monster's eyes are not
         displayed. (hap)
- 02175: [Graphics] drgnbstr: Priority problems (hap)
- 03870: [Graphics] battlex: Wrong title highlighting (hap)
- 03206: [Color/Palette] sshangha: Tile colors are wrong when you select
         them (David Haywood)
- 01665: [Graphics] zigzag, zigzag2: Animation of hose does not show
         properly when attempting to pump enemies. (hap)
- 03821: [Crash/Freeze] contra, contraj, gryzor: Game freeze after the
         2nd 3d stage's boss, before the level with horizontal scroll.
- 02509: [Graphics] bagmans: Glitches missing during scene change. (hap)
- 03454: [Documentation] xeviousa, xeviousb, xeviousc: Xevious set
- 03225: [Misc.] razmataz: Unable to enter Service Mode (hap)
- 03745: [Color/Palette] anteaterg, anteateruk: Underground background
         color is incorrect (hap)
- 04271: [Misc.] Wrong merge data in -listxml output for some sets
         (Aaron Giles)
- 03670: [Save/Restore] Many sets in toaplan2.c: Graphic corruption when
         using -autosave/save state (Alex Jackson)
- 02807: [Documentation] dogyuunk: Description is wrong (Alex Jackson)
- 03764: [Sound] kuniokun, kuniokunb: PCM sound base line gets shifted
         little by little.
- 03172: [Sound] amspdwy, amspdwya: Audio quality regression (hap)
- 04093: [Sound] spiders and clones: High tone never stop playing (hap)
- 04029: [Graphics] All sets in murogem.c: Severe graphic corruption
- 04270: [Graphics] commsega, locomotn and clones: Vertical screen
         offsets (hap)
- 04269: [Graphics] All sets in bagman.c: Vertical screen offsets (hap)
- 04002: [Graphics] bagman, sbagman, botanic, pickin: Screen is shifted 1
         pixel left (hap)
- 04264: [Crash/Freeze] gtfrk3ma, gtrfrk3m, gtrfrk4m, pcnfrk3m: Crash
         just before NVRAM format (Olivier Galibert)
- 04267: [Interface] -verifyroms list nonexistent roms as bad
         (Aaron Giles)
- 04263: [Crash/Freeze] pf2012: Crash after OK (hap)

Source Changes
Decreased color saturation and alpha of internal fake shifter layout
to make it less distracting. [hap]

Fix OS/2 compile [K.O. Myung-Hun]

Various Aristocrat Mk4 / Mk5 fixes [Palindrome]

Documented Aristocrat Mk4 init procedure [Heihachi_73]

Implemented proper vblank read-back on Aristocrat Mk-4 HW
[Angelo Salese]

naomi: Reorganized the driver to put games in order by type and put
similar functionality together [f205v]

New driver for Winners Circle (Corona), dual CPU hardware.
[Roberto Fresca]

Exposed the M68000 supervisor flag for external MMUs to determine the
current address space. [Curt Coder]

Removed unnecessary machine parameter from device-specific
input_port_read. [Curt Coder]

Exposed the complete Function Code of the M68000 (instead of just FC2
as previously). [Curt Coder]

Corona.c: Fixed the visible screen area to improve the Winners Circle
aspect. Also fixed visible screen area and rotate properly the RE-800
sets. Minor clean-ups. [Roberto Fresca]

Converted core_options to a class. Removed a bunch of marginal
functionality in favor of alternate mechanisms. Errors are now
reported via an astring rather than via callbacks. Every option must
now specify a type (command, integer, float, string, boolean, etc).
Command behavior has changed so that only one command is permitted.
[Aaron Giles]

Changed fileio system to accept just a raw searchpath instead of an
options/option name combination. [Aaron Giles]

Created emu_options class dervied from core_options which wraps core
emulator options. Added mechanisms to cleanly change the system name
and add/remove system-specific options, versus the old way using
callbacks. Also added read accessors for all the options, to ensure
consistency in how parameters are handled. Changed most core systems
to access emu_options instead of core_options. Also changed
machine->options() to return emu_options. [Aaron Giles]

Created cli_options class derived from emu_options which adds the
command-line specific options. Updated clifront code to leverage the
new class and the new core behaviors. cli_execute() now accepts a
cli_options object when called. [Aaron Giles]

Updated both SDL and Windows to have their own options classes,
derived from cli_options, which add the OSD-specific options on top of
everything else. Added accessors for all the options so that queries
are strongly typed and simplified. [Aaron Giles]

Updated nmk/olympia/pacific/pce/phoenix/rare/seibu/seta to
driver_devices. [Atari Ace]

Updated sigma/stern/subsino/tatsumi/tch/tecfri/technos/tehkan to
driver_devices. [Atari Ace]

roul (roul.c) [stephh] :
 * Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the Z80 code)

ksys573: Fix some wrong machine driver selections [O. Galibert]

Allow serial receive without ES enabled. [Couriersud]

sgnascar: Added dump of mask ROMs [Guru, R. Belmont]

Added correct bitswap for point blank 3 [smf].

inptport: Add existence and used bits interface for automatic
controller adaptation [O. Galibert]

Converted psx cpu core to c++ [smf]

Corona.c driver improvements. A lot of input/output work, accurate
periodic interrupt timing for sound CPU, meters, DIP switches, and
other minor things. We got Winners Circle 82 playable. [Roberto

More improvements to corona.c driver. Splitted new machine, memory
map, and complete multiplexed inputs/outputs for Lucky Roulette type
games. Also added NVRAM and inverted blitter [Roberto Fresca]

Implemented MC6845 row/column addressing mode. [Curt Coder]

Make shift/alt+right work on channel volume sliders (fractions between
0 and 1 were always rounded down) [hap]

splash.c driver improvements. [Tomasz Slanina]
 * The Return of Lady Frog : added sound
 * Funny Strip : added sound, patched few more protection checks, fixed
    sprite ram access

Added inputs to Tetris Fighters - game now boots. [Tomasz Slanina]

Lot of improvements/changes to corona.c driver. Input/output work and
new set supported. Redumped the winner82 sound program. [Roberto Fresca]

SDL: Fix uimodekey for MESS [Barry Rodewald, R. Belmont]

More work on corona.c driver. [Roberto Fresca]
 - Cleaned up and improved memory maps
 - Added NVRAM to all winners circle sets
 - Fixed the ay8910 clock for winners circle 82 type to match the other
 - Fixed a blitter buffer to bitmap problem.
 - Reparented the sets.
 - Added new technical notes.

carjmbre: [hap]
 * use 4 bit clut instead of 3 bit
 * calculate palette with resnet info from Popper (same year, same
    company, very similar hardware)
 * make bgcolor emulation more logical
 * small cleanups

Use correct roms for the Japanese 1941 set [Brian Troha]

Fixed sound regression with Mission 660 [Angelo Salese]

Major toaplan2.c updates  [Alex Jackson]
 * Some sets reparented and renamed as well as a cleanup of source
    comments: grindstm (parent), vfive (clone) kingdmgp (parent),
    shippumd (clone) The set formerly known as "sstrikera" is now
    "sstriker" and is now the parent of mahoudai (clone). Reverted
    batrid to batrider and bkraid to bbakraid.
 * Put common init code into MACHINE_START, leaving DRIVER_INITs only
    for games that actually need unique initialization.
 * Dead code cleanup: Removed old hacks and some no-longer-used used
    member variables from the driver class.
 * ROM banking cleanup: Added a device address map for the OKI in
    fixeightbl. Stopped misusing the bank system for memory that isn't
    actually bankswitched (fixeightbl again) Simplified the Z80 ROM
    banking (and loading) in the Raizing games.
 * Address map cleanup: Unified 8-bit shared RAM handling between the
    Z80-based and the V25-based games. Replaced lots of pointless
    READ_HANDLERs with AM_RAM_WRITE. Moved fixeight EEPROM handling
    into the input ports instead of using READ/WRITE_HANDLERs.
    Incidentally, this makes toaplan2.c the very first MAME driver to
    use the AM_READWRITE_PORT macro.
 * Removed IPT_VBLANK input ports (no longer used since the video
 * Removed Truxton 2 player 2 "button 4" (after confirming that the
    game never reads it) and changed player 1 "button 4" to an
    IPT_OTHER not bound to any key by default, since it's clearly some
    kind of test/debug input not meant to be hooked up in a regular
    cabinet (for one thing, it works whether you're actually playing
    or in attract mode)
 * Added button 3 to Batsugun Special Version. It's a full auto fire
    button like Cave games have. The service mode input test doesn't
    show it, presumably because Toaplan didn't bother to update the
    service mode code from the original version of the game.
 * Fixed region jumpers and dipswitches in many sets, based on
    analysis of the program code and strings in the ROMs.
 * Added a #define to optionally make Truxton 2 stereo (commented out
    by default). See the comments at the top of the driver and in the
 * Corrected kbash ROM names, thanks to information from Charles
    MacDonald. Also fixed inconsistent ROM naming between some of the
    batrider clones.
 * Loaded bbakraid default EEPROM as a ROM rather than hardcoding the
    contents into the driver.
 * Completely removed audio/toaplan2.c, which isn't needed any more now
    that all the V25s are decrypted and hooked up.

Technical changes to reel games.  [James Wallace]
 * Fixed lamp timing in MPU4 and laid groundwork for MPU3 support in
    the steppers (I've also cleared up the reel code in drivers).
 * Removed some unneeded timing code.
 * BwB support is here, but preliminary, it's mainly to show people
    how the CHR chip might work in those games.

Fixed enormous memory consumption when iterating through all drivers
like -romident does. [Aaron Giles]

Converted namco/thepit/toaplan/unico/upl/valadon/veltmjr/venture/
vsystem/zaccaria to driver_device. Also simplified unico and
disentangled gridlee from balsente. [Atari Ace]

Breaks some driver entanglements to simplify future driver_device
conversion efforts: [Atari Ace]
 * taito_f3 is disentangled from a number of other drivers by using an
    AM_SHARE tag instead of a common variable.
 * Several drivers are made into explicit subclasses of other drivers:
    8080bw from mw8080bw, missb2 from bublbobl, quasar from cvs,
    taito_x from seta.
 * arcadecl is separated from rampart by duplicating the bitmap
    rendering code.
 * jaleco decryption code is moved to jalcrpt.c.
 * cischeat is separated from megasys1 by duplicating some video code.
 * mcr3 is partly separated from mcr.
 * machine/midwunit.c is split into wunit and xunit files with some
    code duplication.
 * midtunit gfx_rom variables are made distinct from midyunit
    variables, making midyunit independent of midtunit.
 * contants in namconb1 are duplicated/renamed in namcofl.
 * namcos2 uses of namcos21 are eliminated by introducing
 * toypop is separated from mappy by duplicating some video code.

Move non-buffered spriteram drivers away from using the generic
spriteram in favor of using spriteram in their own driver_device
classes. [Atari Ace]

Fix long-standing bug in ABS flags in ADSP21xx core.
[Christophe Jaillet]

Removed some legacy NVRAM_HANDLERs in favor of NVRAM devices.
[Aaron Giles]

Added M48T37 variant to timekpr.c. Fixed some bugs that caused
registers to be initialized to 0xff and caused odd behavior. Updated
to modern device timers. [Aaron Giles]

Converted vegas to use M48T37 instead of its own implementation.
[Aaron Giles]

Attached emu_options to the machine_config, and the running_machine
inherits it now. [Aaron Giles]

Mapped KEYCODE_BACKSLASH2 to the OEM_102 key (located between LShift
and Z on international keyboard layouts). [Curt Coder]

Fix micro3d 8051 serial RX, todo: still needs CLEAR behind a 1 cycle
callback [Lord Nightmare]

Fixed parsing of uimodekey from .ini on SDL [Fabio Priuli]

Improved inputs and complete DIP switches to Lucky Roulette Plus.
Also, added new support for Ruleta RCI. [Roberto Fresca]

model3: add protection data for oceanhun (game still doesn't boot)
[Ville Linde]

galdrvr.c: Added background color split to Anteater. [hap]

Convert a number of drivers to use their own private spriteram instead
of the generic one. Only drivers needing buffered spriteram should use
the shared generic version for now. [Atari Ace]

Continued eliminating global/static variables by moving them to the
driver_device classes.  Mostly drivers from misc.a, and some drivers
recently which had dependencies removed. [Atari Ace]

Fixed Z80-DART transmit word length. [Curt Coder]

Decouple memory_region parameters from the ROMREGION flags. [Aaron Giles]

path_iterator::next() now takes an optional filename to append to the
path. [Aaron Giles]

Fix pleiades colours (high/low palette bits exchanged). [Couriersud]

Added DEVICE_SELF_OWNER support for device callbacks. [Curt Coder]

Moved anteateruk/anteaterg to galdrvr.c [hap]

Added possibility of altering default input port setting for devices.
[Miodrag Milanovic]

Galaxian driver: Fixed sprite X offset. [hap]

Continued moving global/static variables to the driver_device classes.
[Atari Ace]

Remove unused static handler entries. Also ensure that subsequent
mapping/ unmapping of static memory types does not change the memory
parameters. This fixes the case where dynamically unmapping memory
could lead to incorrectly reported offsets. [Aaron Giles]

Remove some straggling const address_space references, and get rid of
explicit const_casts in memory.h. [Aaron Giles]

Dedicated galxwars cabs are not b/w but have color maps For now, use
proms from another game and mark sets as bad dump/wrong colors [hap]

contra.c: Changed main CPU to HD6309 as seen on PCB, and set interrupt
source to k007121. [hap]

Add driver_device classes for drivers that don't have any variables,
for consistency (and future development). [Atari Ace]

Further decoupled some driver files to help driver_device conversions.
[Atari Ace]
 1. cclimber and galaxian audio code and seibuspi decryption code get
     their own includes.
 2. galpani2 video declarations are moved from kaneko16.h to their
     own file.
 3. cchance and champbwl subclass from tnzs, xevious/bosco/digdug
     subclass from galaga and vmetal subclasses from metro.
 4. yvg608 is made independent of namcond1
 5. ettrivia duplicates the palette code from naughtyb
 6. mshuttle decryption code is moved into galaxian.
 7. tetrisp2_draw_sprites is split into two versions, one for ms32.c, one
     for tetrisp2.c.

Converted asteroid/bzone/funworld/itech8/kongambl/legionna/leland/quakeat/
quizpun2/segas24/twincobr/warpwarp to driver_device. [Atari Ace]

Moved Kaneko Super Nova sprite chip emulation inside its own file
[David Haywood]

Put Deco 56 video sprite chip inside its own file [David Haywood]

Deco 56: Allow rendering to a bitmap, with priority data intact, for
manual mixing [David Haywood]

battlex.c: Some driver cleanups, most importantly: [hap]
 * made interrupt generation more logical (assert/clear instead of
 * removed hacky hardcoded palette for background tiles, let it use
    palette ram

Changed clocks based on confirmed XTAL and dumper's notes for Ambush
and clones.  Audio changed to AY8912 as well.
[Tafoid / Tomasz Slanina]

Fixed decrementing transfers in z80dma core [Angelo Salese]

Converted Tattoo Assassins (and Night Slashers) to use deco16ic.c,
fixing some corrupt graphics in Tattoo Assassins (which have been
there since it was first added)  [David Haywood]

Removed globals from a number of device-like shared systems and made them
either statics or actual device variables. [Atari Ace]

Convert cclimber/galpani2/gticlub/namcond1/pacman/seibuspi/tetrisp2/
vicdual to driver_device. [Atari Ace]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Ruleta RE-800 (earlier) [Roberto Fresca]
Ruleta RE-800 (v1.0) [Roberto Fresca]
Ruleta RE-800 (v3.0) [Roberto Fresca, Grull Osgo]
Galactica (Marcello Mancini, Silvio Finotti, Augusto Garcia, hap]
Lucky Roulette (6-players, Spanish) [Roberto Fresca, Rob Ragon]
Super Twenty One [Siftware, gregf, hap]
Ruleta RCI (6-players, Spanish) [Roberto Fresca, Rob Ragon]
Winners Circle 82 [Roberto Fresca, Angelo Salese, Rob Ragon]
Winners Circle (81, 28*28 PCB) [Roberto Fresca, Rob Ragon]
Winners Circle (81, 18*22 PCB) [Roberto Fresca, Rob Ragon]

New clones added
Big Twin (No Girls Conversion) [Andrew Welburn, Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
Super Star Crest
  [Marcello Mancini, Silvio Finotti, Augusto Garcia, hap]
1941: Counter Attack (USA 900227) [Kevin Eshbach, Team CPS-1]
Simpsons Pinball Party (4.00,2.04) (En,Sp,Fr,It,Ger)
  [Miodrag Milanovic]
Grand Prix (4.00,3.40,3.01) (En,Sp,Fr,It,Ger) [Miodrag Milanovic]
Nascar (4.00,3.50,3.40, 3.01) (En,Sp) [destruk, Miodrag Milanovic]
Sopranos (3.00, 2.04, 1.07) (En,Sp,Fr,It,Ger) [Miodrag Milanovic]
High Roller Casino (2.10) [destruk]
Playboy (4.01,2.03) (En,Sp,Fr,It,Ger) [destruk]
Roller Coaster Tycoon (6.00) (En,Sp,Fr,It) [destruk]
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Hispanic 980904)
  [Layne, Dr. Spankenstein, ranger_lennier, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Zing Zing Zip (bootleg) [ANY] (not working)
Empire City: 1931 (Italy) [ANY]
Thunder & Lightning (bootleg with Tetris sound) [ANY]
The Pit (US, set 2) [Siftware]
Terra Cresta (newer PCB) [Siftware]
Speak & Rescue (bootleg) [Siftware]
Heavy Unit -U.S.A. Version-
  [Hurray Banana, Tormod, hotaru, Dna Disturber, F. Marsaud, N.
   Francfort, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
ATV Track (Set 2) [Guru] (not working)
Ropeman (bootleg of Roc'n Rope) [Tafoid]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Catch (prototype) [Siftware, hap]
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 Ver. B (Japan) (GDX-0016A)
  [Guru, R. Belmont]