SDL MAME v0.143u3

SDL MAME now sits at an experimental version of 143u3. This version is for OSX 10.6+ users only. As usual, grab it from the Box File Widget or from their homepage. Now without further ado, here are some of the changes.


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 04443: [Sound] flower: hanging note in sound (hap)
- 02505: [Sound] asurabus: Sound effects are looping. (hap)
- 04319: [Sound] tengai, tengaij: Bomb sound effect drags on after
         activating. (hap)
- 04447: [Graphics] pblbeach: Incorrect sprite stretching during
         gameplay (Angelo Salese)
- 04446: [Graphics] kiwames: Sprites aren't drawn correctly
         (Angelo Salese)
- 04448: [DIP/Input] warofbug, zigzag: Unable to coin. (hap)
- 03301: [Crash/Freeze] polepos2a, polepos2b: Game does not
         start (hap)
- 04444: [Graphics] navarone: Cocktail Player 2 shot offset (hap)
- 04442: [Documentation] break: [possible] Wrong description
- 04438: [Crash/Freeze] All sets in zn.c: Crash after OK (smf)
- 04440: [Crash/Freeze] mquake: Crash before OK (smf)
- 04436: [Sound] sasuke: snk6502 Custom Audio pitched too high (hap)
- 04392: [Sound] polepos2, polepos2a, polepos2b: High-score music has
         a hung note throughout. (hap)
- 04434: [DIP/Input] hustler and clones: Missing Dip Switch (Tafoid)

Source Changes
m68k: 040 fpu ops are somewhat available on a 030 when the fpu is
added [O. Galibert]

cothreads: fixed to run on PowerPC Mac OS X [R. Belmont]


Various fixes to Aristocrat MK-V HW [Palindrome]
 * Fixed NVRAM & random crashes
 * Set default mode to game mode
 * Added watchdog timer
 * Dram emulator error fixed
 * External Video Crystal Error fixed
 * Fixed 2khz timer

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Enchanted Forest (12XF528902, US) [FrasheR]
Arctic Wins (4XF5227H03, US)  [FrasheR]

SDL MAME for OSX Updated

The Mac OSX version of SDL MAME has been updated. It is now up to date with the .138u1 baseline. Grab it from Box File Widget or the homepage.

Update to SDL MAME (Nov 11)

There was an update to the Mac OSX version of SDL MAME. It is now up to date with the .135u3 base line. Grab the download from the Box File Widget.


MAME for OSX Updated

The latest version of SDL MAME for Mac OSX has been released. It is now up to date with the .135u2 (RB) baseline. There are two different versions so, make sure you grab the one that applies to you. There is a 32 bit universal binary and an Intel specific 64 bit binary. They are both in the Box File Widget on the right.

You can also check out the homepage.