New Version of WINE

Wine Is Not An Emulator, or the open source Windows API, saw an update on Feb. 5th. If you own a Mac or Linux based computer but still want to run Windows programs, you might want to check this program out. I will now list the changes. The download link will be at the bottom of the post and eventually, in the Box File Widget on the homepage.

  • Better support for memory allocations debugging.
  • Improved MIDI support.
  • A wide range of Direct3D fixes.
  • OLEDB fixes (should fix Clipart in Office).
  • Improved debugger support on x86-64.
  • Many MSI fixes.
  • Various bug fixes.
    • 6447 VAZ Modular module window close causes error message box
    • 8398 Starfleet Command 3: fails to load
    • 10011 A conflict between global and user’s %PATH% environment variables
    • 11596 Lost Planet:Extreme Condition DX9 Demo: black screen in-game
    • 12965 Weird border in MSN Messenger when hiding tittle bar
    • 13956 Warcraft III does not start
    • 14252 Windows Live Messenger 8.1 just show a blue box. GdipImageGetFrameCount, GdipImageGetFrameDimensionsList and GdipImageSelectActiveFrame unimplemented
    • 14875 VS 2008 Express Editions (SP1) installer fails with directory resolution error
    • 14888 winefile is slow with drawing columns
    • 15795 Dead Space crashes with unhandled exception
    • 17269 WNetGetUser missing in Win16
    • 17521 qmgr/qmgr tests fail with +relay enabled
    • 17577 Lost Planet’s shader compile failure
    • 17621 PhoenixRC crashes with page fault in 32-bit code
    • 17948 Slingplayer unhandled page fault
    • 17999 Shell32 test fails with the following
    • 18220 mWavEdit: midi sysex communication fails
    • 18501 Emperor ‘Battle for Dune’: can’t build units and buildings
    • 18536 Slingplayer EU 1.5.1 installer exits silently part way through
    • 18540 Slingplayer EU 1.5.1 installer random unhandled page fault
    • 18764 Wine update breaks gecko’s js3250.dll
    • 18990 Slingplayer 1.5 installer hangs
    • 19068 Slingplayer 1.5 installshield error 1628
    • 19105 From VB / VBScript / maybe others, the TimeSerial function dont answer like is awaited
    • 19300 MS Web Platform installer goes into endless loop
    • 19373 Plants vs Zombies is draw in the left button side of the screen when playing full-screen
    • 19588 Wine is setting incorrect permissions in some instances
    • 19625 Oblivion: shadows flicker
    • 19636 Vista SDK installer fails in “Microsoft VC Redist 2008″ subinstaller
    • 20469 Dragon Age: Origins: Texture glitches (textures frequently switching from visible to black)
    • 20725 Adobe photoshop CS2 fails to install
    • 20763 make crosstest fails on Mac OS X
    • 20790 Diagnet needs msxml4
    • 21106 RPC clients that connect via ncacn_ip_tcp to a Windows RPC server are broken
    • 21145 cmd if /I unsupported
    • 21252 Anarchy Online is squashed horizontally with Xorg 7 and Xinerama
    • 21299 Thief: whole screen flicks in time of weapon blinking
    • 21306 16-bit application fails with “DDE requires ddeml.dll”
    • 21336 wine’s valgrind annotations for large heap realloc yield false positives
    • 21350 SSF Sega Saturn Emulator displays “SetThreadAffinityMask() error” dialog box
    • 21355 Need heap overrun detection
    • 21382 %~dp0 does not expand to right value
    • 21399 iDailyDiary window-drawing problem
    • 21405 IE6 / IE7 crashes with “longjmp causes uninitialized stack frame”
    • 21418 Plants vs Zombies is draw on the top left corner when not in fullscreen
    • 21421 simple Delphi program: popup menu not shown after status bar right clicked.
    • 21442 Visual C++ 2010 beta 2 web installer aborts when starting download
    • 21486 ZEMAX help dialog does not work
    • 21490 Debug build of Chromium aborts on startup because GdiInitializeLanguagePack() is too stubby?
    • 21494 wine(64) regedit foo.reg fails
    • 21497 ElsterFormular 11.1.1: program window disappears, app keeps running in the background
    • 21501 Visual C++ 2010 beta 2 web installer can’t replace corrupted downloads (sharing violation due to wintrust handle leak)
    • 21506 configure –disable-win16 breaks winedbg bt all
    • 21512 Windows PowerShell 1.x/2.x needs HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Environment registry key present
    • 21513 Option to not inherit the UNIX environment
    • 21542 SOFTPUB_LoadCatalogMessage should use catalog members instead of file ones for retrieving msg data
    • 21553 ntdll reporting freed block to valgrind twice?
    • 21592 ResTrax: Up-down common control doesn’t process arrow keys the same as mouse clicks
    • 21595 Sacred 2 does not display any 3D graphics

    Grab it from the homepage or from the Box File Widget on the right hand side of this blog. Cheers!

    no$gba and SSF working in WINE

    More WINE stuff. I know Wine Is Not An Emulator but my trials and errors with running emulators in WINE are as follows. SSF, the Saturn emulator, worked a little. The GUI loaded, but I didn’t have a Saturn disc to test. no$gba ran a Nintendo DS rom. Need For Speed 2 didn’t work and came up with some errors. I will post my screen shots below. The SSF screen shot looks pathetic as I couldn’t load anything without a disc, but you will notice that the GUI loaded ok.

    WINE Trials and Errors

    I have mostly come up with errors using WINE to run PC emulators. I did get PCSX to run although couldn’t configure the emulator. Setting up the graphics plugins and the sound might take more time then I am willing to put in and I’m sure the average user won’t even bother. ePSXe, PCSX2, NullDC, PSXeven, Psx, and AndriPSX all don’t work. No errors, but no GUI loads either. There might be a work around for a terminal buff but alas, I am no terminal buff. Bleem! came up with an interesting error though. It said that this emulator requires Windows 95 or 98. Too funny if you ask me. I tried all the Playstation emulators and a Playstation 2 emulator with only some dumb luck with one as I stated earlier. I even tried the 64 bit version of Dolphin but came up short. My advice for newer emulators is boot camp or trying Virtual box or another program like it. I will keep trying with several emulators and different configurations and will let you all know. Sorry folks.

    The above screen shot is running PCSX using WINE. Remember folks, Wine Is Not An Emulator. 😉

    Download Wine Bottler and WINE

    I had some technical difficulties uploading Wine Bottler and WINE and have just now posted them to the Box File Widget. The Box File Widget is blue and can be found on the right hand side of the blog homepage here at Mac Emulators. It is a combo pack I found on the intronets. It’s good as wine though. 😉  The homepage for the wine bottler wasn’t working after several attempts so, I found it elsewhere and compressed it for the community.


    Just Use Wine

    Wine bottling didn’t work for Project 64. Just use WINE.

    Here are some screen shots of Project 64 using WINE.

    Wine Bottler

    There is a new app floating around called wine bottler. Most of us have been using Wine to run Windows apps and emulators for some time now however, now there is an app that will “bottle” the Windows program and run it as if it is a native Mac OSX application. I will upload the download to the Box File Widget shortly. I did try it out and found that Wine, without any “bottling”, seemed to run Project 64 quite well. The installer ran and everything functioned as if it was a native Mac application. Packaging or “bottling” as it’s called, takes the Windows .exe file and creates a Mac .app out of it. It seems to take quite a long while. I am currently waiting and writing this blog as it is making my Project I will upload my findings and pictures in the next post.

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