Xroar Updated to ver 0.27

Xroar, the Dragon & CoCo emulator for Mac OSX, saw an update and now sits at version .27. Not much has been happening in the world of Mac Emulators, so it’s nice to see something happening. Grab the download from the Box File Widget or from their website. Let’s peep the changes.

  • CPU flag fixes.
  • Tape behaviour fixes.

XRoar version .26

XRoar, the Dragon emulator for Mac, saw an update a while ago. It now sits at version .26. As usual, download it from the Box File Widget or from the XRoar website.

Let’s check out the changes.

XRoar Updated

XRoar, a Dragon emulator, was updated today. It now sits at version 0.25. Let’s scope out the changes. Grab it from the Box File Widget or from their homepage.

  • New GTK+2 user-interface.
  • New GtkGLExt video module.
  • New audio options: -ao-rate, -ao-buffer-ms, -ao-buffer-samples, -volume.
  • New options: -kbd-translate, -disk-write-back.
  • New PulseAudio sound module.
  • New Linux joystick module.
  • CPU emulation accuracy improved [from doc by Darren Atkinson]
  • Tape audio feedback while loading CAS files (AUDIO ON).
  • Fixed some CPU timings.
  • Added ability to print to file or pipe.
  • Ability to define new machines or cartridges.

Dragon Emulator for Mac OSX

Xroar, the Dragon 32 and 64 emulator for Mac OSX, saw an updated. Let’s check the changes.

  • Improved ALSA sound module.
  • SDL video module fixes.
  • Use target-specific threading code in SDL audio on Windows.
  • Special “-tapehack” mode to rewrite tidied CAS files.
  • Search worldofdragon.org ROM filenames.
  • More accurate slow-to-fast SAM transitions.
  • NDS: bring up to date with new libnds.
  • NDS: faster video, audio fixes, better file requester.
  • NDS: sleep while lid is closed.
  • Support direct loading of DragonDOS binaries.
  • Implement remaining known illegal instructions.
  • Download it from the Box File Widget or grab it from the homepage.

    Dragon 32/64 Emulator for Mac OSX Update

    The Dragon 32/64 emulator Xroar for Mac OSX saw an update today. Here are the changes.

  • Full CoCo RAM select emulation.
  • Implemented SAM FAST mode.
  • Fullscreen fixes.
  • Better handling of -load and -run options.
  • Include “dark orange” VDG text mode colour.
  • Initial ALSA sound module (-ao alsa).
  • Read a configuration file on startup.
  • Sun audio fixes.
  • Experimental curses user interface.
  • Run first non-option argument.
  • WD279x fix.
  • Fixed segfault in SDL joystick code.
  • Work around nasty hang bug in SDL’s pulseaudio module.
  • Add ROM search path to Windows build.
  • Add -gl-filter option to select OpenGL texture filter.
  • Support directly loading ASCII files (.bas, .asc) as gapped ASCII BASIC.
  • Write-back support for VDK and JVC disk images.
  • Request filename when creating a blank disk.
  • Download it from the Box File Widget on the main page of this blog.